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i am interested, putting them on ebay now.
need these gone, will sell for $85 if sold by tonight.
if these sell i'd definitely consider them.
i tried them on once and that's it and im pretty sure the member i bought them off of did the same. there's no sign of creases or anything. these are basically brand new.
willing to trade for size 27 or 28
i'll try to get some pics up tonight. the red one is pretty much new, worn 4-5 times, washed once recently. the blue one has a lot more wear on it and was washed 2-3 times.
price drop
Bought these from member Aussy, but unfortunately they don't fit quite as I hoped. So I'm looking to trade for a Size 27 APC New Standard Black or any other similar black denim. The AA pants are dark navy and have been worn twice, never washed, but they're a little too form fitting for my liking. I bought the mjk khakis off a forum member a while back and they've held up great. They've been washed quite a bit and used quite a bit, but only have one stain, on the lower...
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