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Quote: Originally Posted by brandon1987 Bad lighting but I love my Rock & Republic "old man" shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by kelvinsense danracer your userame sounds very familiar, 2p2? ftp? well im on a lot of forums with the same user name so you have probably seen it, whats 2p2 and ftp??
mid '06 '07
+1 on the mspaint, i liked it
Quote: Originally Posted by bundestaag those skinny fit great dude.. my skinny have been resting for a couple of months after 6 months wearing becausae im affraid that they would get holes in the crotch area as they already show some white lines ready to break appart haha.. do you have the same problem? should I patch them or what? thnx, actually the crotch on mine is still perfect :\\...perhaps you could reinforce the crotch on your jeans or...
my blazer
havnt posted here in a while...
you coulddo like steve urkel
Quote: Originally Posted by cozilla I have the same question. you guys mean soak em before wearing them?? nah its not necessary since they are sanforized.
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