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Quote: Originally Posted by jaac what are the pants?
you can wear nice shoes to pubs and clubs, fuck if they get beer, vodka, vomit, pee or whatever, just clean em when u get home and u'll be fine, i wear my shoes and desert boots to places where people drop bottles on the floor and the glass breaks and they get cristal fragments on the sole and i just clean them and keep going if the shoes get fucked up they were a POS then lol
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum i hate the boot tuck, but like the boots. what are they? +1 on what are they although i do like the boot tuck
i just sprayed some starch directly to the jeans
yeah, i really like them and they are coming thru nicely but i want faster faders lol :\\ , i washed them cause they where filthy and i wanted to shrink them a bit but they dont shrink that much hehe but if you are gonna wash them, wash them on the shower that way the creases wont go away. ohh and starch them a bit when u wash if u want nicely formed creases again cause they get really soft after the wash.
lmao this was hilarious, i hope you can find those pieces of shit
ZARA :\\ srry for bad lighting pics
Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid ^^^Hard to gauge.... how long have you been wearing them? I can't really see much wear beyond the back pocket. bout 8 months of daily use, there is a bit of wear but its not noticeable yet :\\
new pics...after 1 wash and 1 soak
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Got a chance to snap some shots of the new jacket, click top for closeup. Quote: Originally Posted by Ga-vroche 20°c today Quote: Originally Posted by...
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