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yeahh i know it really sucks that everything bad happening everywhere at the same time , thanks though hopefully everything would get resolved soon
Quote: Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty 1) Untuck your shirt. +1
dude obviously you got to show the selvedge line to let people in the world you are wearing quility jeans!!!
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Quote: Originally Posted by FLMountainMan Was that supposed to make me feel sorry for the students? http://www.stateuniversity.com/unive...o_Bayamon.html Even considering the lower median income, your tuition is really cheap. Schools on the mainland are all raising their tuition as well. If you want students riots done right, look up the valiant souls and near martyrs at NYU. actually no i just wanted to show the rights violations that...
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt We can't let them be a state. Think of all the new illegal immigrants on that shitty little island. wtf is wrong with you we can move to the US fully legal without the need of visas or any of that shit so if you dont know shit stfu its so shitty that we have to go and fight your wars Quote: Originally Posted by dah328 More Democratic seats in the House and Senate. Why else would they do...
one of the vids: http://www.elnuevodia.com/videos-est...an-164618.html
Hi, im guessing you guys dont get news about whats happening here in Puerto Rico in i feel the need to tell the world about the injustices happening in the island. So im going to give a really brief summary of whats happening. In '08 the island elected a governor called Luis Fortuño who until now has demonstrated him incapability to govern the island due to a lot of stupid things he has done like lay off 20,000 public employes, and a cople of other stuff. About a...
i dont think you'll have a problem with the selvedge line cause you are not gona taper just shorten the length
they dont shrink much so if u want them shorter take them to a tailor and hem them
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