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Quote: Originally Posted by APK Do H&M tees shrink much in the wash (cold wash/low dry)? Their V-necks fit really well and while some shrinkage wouldn't be bad, I'm paranoid about losing a complete size after my bad Hanes experience (three inches lost in the length of every shirt from a cold wash and low dry). Speaking of H&M tees, I find the sizing off the rack to be kind of all over the place when going from style to style. The V-neck tees I picked...
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus didn't check this thread for a week because I don't give a shit about sneakers but here you go jet, here's what I like more than sneakers (and I'll be pretty damn happy when I come home to them again): bad ass, too bad bout the supra though
last cple of fits look nice...this thread should be called now waywt + lifestyle discussion tread lol
hmm imo the old sole looked a bit like chucks sole...
Quote: Originally Posted by darknesis We're starting in Mexico for a few weeks and working our way down to Guatemala, Colombia, Rio, and eventually Buenos Aires. nice trip, well for rio and buenos aires you'll probably have to take a coat or some heavier clothing because iirc they are starting winter, and IMO Linen looks really touristy(sp?) and you are probably gonna stand out as the "gringo".
Quote: Originally Posted by prick You'll be fine if you wear a vibrantly colored tee shirt with white linen pants. Don't wear jeans or chinos, as you'll sweat constantly and stand out in a bad way. wtf thats bs you wont sweat thaaaat much going to a club at night jeans are fine to hang out with
where are u going in south america?
hmm jeans or chinos and dress shirts/sport shirts cuffed :\\
!@#$% small shirt holes!! lol i used o get em on almost all my tees im guessing it was because they were being washed with jeans and jackets, i also thing that the rougher cotton tees get them easier since my really soft tee's dont have holes in them
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