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nice how to
Quote: Originally Posted by KGracey First post here. literally just started to build my wardrobe. This is my first pair of raw denim (APC), still breaking them in. a shorter cuff will look better
nice thread digging :\\
im digging USA network White collar series style, the dude uses some nice stuff... edit: damn flickr, it doesnt let me put the pic up here :@
Quote: Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty 1) Untuck your shirt. +1
dude obviously you got to show the selvedge line to let people in the world you are wearing quility jeans!!!
i dont think you'll have a problem with the selvedge line cause you are not gona taper just shorten the length
they dont shrink much so if u want them shorter take them to a tailor and hem them
Quote: Originally Posted by JackTheRipper It looks too fleshy/peachy. well i changed to my gap jeans instead :\\ lol
mtm zara
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