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from thnxgivin
heres an update on my skinnys they are bout 1yr and 1 mo old bout 3 washes. messy room ftw :\\
been a while since i posted something so here it its, a lil bit of "business casual" srry for the small pic
they will stretch so i think you'll be fine with them
Quote: Originally Posted by madstaxbro Awesome fit man. Great progress too Quote: Originally Posted by johnH123 ^^^ Fit looks really good, but I'm not entirely sold on the fading though. Have you washed them yet? thnx, it has been washed bout 3 times since month 7
here are some pics of the jeans:
^^ yeahh they are really tough faders mine are bout 10-11 months old and the fades are hardly noticeable in some lightings but they have faded some lol
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