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Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll I feel stupid for asking this, but what is "PR"? And holy fuck, you are skinnier than me. And yeah, square toes are kinda bad. PR is Puerto Rico Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow Here's a better idea: lmao i eat a lot of those but i never seem to gain any weight haha i have turbo metabolism
Quote: Originally Posted by mellowfellow ^ you sound like a nice guy. welcome to the forum! Quote: Originally Posted by migel Also, try to use sentences and paragraphs. Welcome! thnx for the welcome Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 Cool, welcome to the forum, I suggest staying away from the luxury brands as a college student, you can certainly look good on a budget if you're reasonably...
thnx for the suggestions
lol okay, so...this is why i joined this forum haha hopefully after some reading and some time i can dress better but hey this was my attempt at dressing semi-formal for a friends wedding on the beach...but yeah i dont have a job and im a college student so its hard for me to buy the luxury shirts, belts, etc and i dont know any local stores that sell the brands that you guys wear but yeah hopefully i can get to buy some stuff over the net and get to dress...
zara/armani exchange/zara/bostonian
i have a question for the watch enthusiasts here...can you I.D. this vintage omega watch? it was my grand fathers and i want to restore it and want to know the model. here are the pics...
hi, which brands would be the best fitting? for about 150-170, mostly for clubbing, going to parties etc.? im about 6'0 and i weight about 113-114, we dont have many high fashion/luxury brands here but i want to buy it through the net. thanks, Daniel
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