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ohh okay thnx...i think the neck fits nice the problem is the body that im too skinny hehe here are the piks...
Hello, i was wondering how much can a shirt be slimmed cuz i have a few shirts that were given to me as a gift and wanted to take them to a tailor. the problem is that im really skinny and this shirts are baggy i might post a few pics later. Thanks
wow that jacket is awesome
hmm i guess it depends on how you use it haha its no the same to say sorry for buying some expensive jeans than to say sorry for shoplifting or w/e
i feel u man lol i got the same reaction from my mom when i told her that, she's always complaining on the clothing i like and the price but w/e its my money i can do w/e i want with it lol. theres a saying here thats says: "es mejor pedir perdon, que pedir permiso" its better to say sorry than to ask for permision hehe if u like em buy em
ohhh they look nice...nice look btw
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie teger-- you look a lot less like a douche than i had previously thought what shoes are those??
hopefully this one gets some better responses hehe and if u dont like it well give me some tips and pointers on how can i fix or improve it H&M/AX jeans/puma/raymond weil
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 Unnecessary and immature, guy wants to dress better and comments like these are only going to hinder his interest/development, besides it's already been said. Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 I'm defending the guy, stfu, no matter what I say you will always have some retarded way of looking at it that makes me look like the bad guy, just because you've got a grudge against...
Quote: Originally Posted by constant struggle this guy is an eason want to be, except he dresses like shit who's eason?? btw thnx for the comment, really helpfull!!
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