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Hey guys, these are my shoes i just gave them a couple of hands of polish, probably not considered shoe porn, but what the hell hehe. sorry for iphone pics.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chucks29 wow, i have the exact same jeans but just 4 mths wear and hardly faded .. this is great looking fades ... how many washes & soaks ? Quote: Originally Posted by Rompson Looks great. Glad to see that they can fade that well. I had a pair and they were pretty stubborn when it came to fading. they have bout 4 washes/soaks, and they they were a PITA to fade, they didnt start...
some more detailed pics
thnx man, yeah they were raw, here's a pic of them when i bought em.
my 1 yr 8 mo old gap skinnies
Better pic of the jeans. The color is a bit lighter but not by much.
pic is a cple of weeks old the jeans are about 1.6years old and bout 4 washes, the pic dont do justice, they are a lot lighter irl
Quote: Originally Posted by phxlawstudent Stupid GAP selvage doesn't fade. I'm thinking of just quitting and cutting my losses. Maybe use them as dark jeans instead. dont give up they do fade, just takes time
update of my gaps after 1.5yr, 4 washes weird angle lol
My 1yr 3mo old gap rigids compared to some mo. old gaps They have bout 3 washes, nit the best quality pics but progress is shown lol
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