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84 Olympics were boycotted by a lot of the Soviet era countries. Cold war stuff.
Sigh, must do more cardio.
I'll add my name to people speaking highly of Ed, always top notch stuff.
I find it amazing that these guys, who have spent a lifetime in suits, seem to nearly always look bad. I can understand if you don't care or if it doesn't matter to your current stage in life but if you wish to be the potus I'd think it would matter and you would care. Still, compared to the average frat boy he looks like a winner.
Have these already been in production? They look similar to some I have at home but I'm not there to.compare right now. For what it's worth the silk/cotton blends are really nice. Flecks of color throughout and a nice hand, a nice addition to my collection for sure.
I have two pairs of a linen blend, no idea what or who made the cloth but I enjoy them greatly.
Lovely. This Canadian dollar is destroying my plans for another couple pairs for the spring.
I don't thrift often but when I do...
Looks like a dreamy listing.
I finally broke out my rusty last week and cannot speak highly enough of the fine quality of this silk. It's easily as fine as any other I own and could be above. Soft and light, I was devastated I hadn't bought the full run.
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