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Fully agree, I'd say my tailor does far more work adjusting pants over anything else I buy.
I think I can speak for the 99% and say do as you please, we all are thankful for everything you do and have done. I shall have my wife, who is sure she is a 1%, send you another box:-)
It won't work but I had to get the first bid, nice jacket though.
Not to derail on this thread but as a Canadian who has to pay for international shipping I've never once wasted time debating a $20 shipping cost and there are other options as spoken above. These ties are not mass produced items as one would get at Drakes or a shop selling Zegna yet we all have dropped $100+ bucks on those many times. You will never see anyone in the office, city or country walking around with these on their neck. You are the only one and for that...
Went to the Turnbull and Asser shop in Beverly Hills today to find that they are closing. Scored two shirts, a tie, summer short sleeve and a light summer coat for $380 thus saving about $1, 500 of normal retail pricing.
A lady who works in my office joined one of these sites where you pay 1k as a female and 3k for a guy to get "qualified" leads. She is quite decent the looks department yet seems to be drawn to failure as a general rule for those whom she dates. One of the three leads she has been sent since joining 4 months back told her he was really only looking for blonde/blue eyed types and actually asked to end the date early. I thought those who joined these pay sites would be...
This was a sad but foreseeable end to the thread.
Well played sir.
I'd like to add a thanks to Spoo also. I've used both sides of his service, been pleased with it all and can only say good things. When you are back I've got another box of random goodness to send.
Stories like that remind me of the old "take the kid out of the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto out of the kid" line. Not sure how true it is in this direct story but it seems to be a common theme for these types if situations. Sad.
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