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There are some really nice items in those photo's but they are few and far between. I understand that it is to be on the cutting edge but looking like a clown isn't what I would aspire to be. IMO Eric's wife was leading the pack and some of those guys should be reading her book.
The damn socks. I can't understand how one would think that this is reasonable, put on some socks.And those pants are just so short I, again, don't understand. The DB suit, how can this be the only guy not wearing a tie? Sure it is a comical color with the stripe so I would guess it was made for a joke but come on.I can't help but to think everyone of those guys needs a slap back to reality.
I spoke to the sales people and they seem really shocked at the deals. I did drool over a baby cashmere BC sports coat but it was marked down from 5K to 3.4K which is hardly a deal.
I went back to the Holts here in Calgary to grab a few ties for Gmmcl that he has asked if I could proxy but they sure didn't have any of the sales that you eastern guys are seeing. All the same nice deals and I hope you all do well for them:)
I think this is more of a retailer trying new product that just never sold. Every time I looked at the drakes offerings they never seemed to have sold a tie and they were asking $185 which was very rich to me. This isn't the first time Holts has tried a new line that has appeared to fail, last year they had Fray shirts at $500+ but it never sold (IMO they didn't seem any better than Zegna). Directly beside the drakes were Canali ties marked down to $89 and most other...
Turns out I got 11 as one was a double but here is the set.
Fyi for calgary just bought 12 drakes for $29 each at Holts
What on earth are those suits, if they can be called such. Uhg.
This thread was much better when people just posted pictures.
It would be nice if there was a 1% bump after a certain dollar but that would only punish the final buyer.
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