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Blew 7K on a sound system in my old car but I couldn't install it in the new ride, sadly I miss it.
What's the deal with that site? It seemed like you are buying blind.
Your pulls are epic.
Hot wheels /thread http://www.ebay.com/sch/Toys-Hobbies-/220/i.html?_sop=3&LH_Complete=1&LH_Sold=1&_from=R40%7CR40&_nkw=hot+wheels
Bummer that it is silk, I have a pair of wool ones from the same era and they rock.
The wool Zegna tie is timeless.
Them is some drool worthy shoes.
One of the few thrift finds I've kept for personal rotation is a Boss SC made with Piana wool, lovely coloring and pattern but certainly far from SF top tier. I would say it is as nice as other mid range Italian's but wouldn't command respect on the bay. It could be the age of the item, I found it at least 8 years back, but not every SF rule is written in stone. That all said I really hope my silly post doesn't flood the boards with "stuff".
Take note guys, even Spoo doesn't leave the Armani. Merry Christmas all!
Might it be old men with bladder problems? I'm just shy of 40 yet haven't had the pleasure of peeing my pants in 35ish years, a sad new goal one wishes never to fulfill.
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