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Uh....sure. He's making a difference all over the interwebz.
I think a nice study of the issues will solve the problem.
The supermarket wasn't as close to the bloodbath this story is becoming and they probably didn't have the public support to neutralize people without at least symbolic attempts to negotiate. This event might change that but we've seen lots of things which should have hardened people but didn't.
Wow, that last set. Wow.
Wow, those are really sharp.
Let spoo know who you are, he tends to bulk it all into one package which makes the shipping more than fair. It's hard to beat lux when compared to retail prices up here and the selection is far beyond what we get. Spoo's weekly sales crush both holt's and Harry without fail.
So annoyed that jacket wouldn't work with me.
Forcing subordinates to do what? This thread never fails to shock me and only makes me wonder what happens up here. We don't seem to hear that much about misconduct but it must happen.
These were the first pair Ed put together for me, a Zenga cashco if I remember correctly in a nice dark burgundy. Hooked ever since and waiting for another pair any day now.
This has to be frustrating for Ed and I don't envy the spot. Still, something's in life are worth the wait so wait we shall do. I'd add that if someone is a 34 waist and is looking for a deal they might want to consider the deals Ed has going at the moment.
New Posts  All Forums: