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There should be a link here ro Sierra trading post which use tk have sam suits a few years back, mihht be worth a look.
Our daft hound
If you can luck out with the B&S do that otherwise from the options given Samuelsohn is the only one worth the effort. The suit will last and feel better than the others, I think.
I have those lime green pants as listed this week which I bought here 3-5+ years back or so, at the time I was told the seller bought them from Turnbull when they were doing the NY move. I'm 99% sure they are the same maker as the details are dead on, nice fabric and on par with other cash-corded blends of a higher end quality. (these are not mine and I have nothing to do with the sale but was just shocked to see the same pants, nothing more)
When we saw Deadmaus play it was a far better set than any other I have heard to date. Start to end just a perfect groove, great rise and fall, perfect breather moments and "drops". Prior to that I never liked his style or many of the songs but I'd buy another pair of tickets to dance without question. Avicii, I listened to on the sat in the car during a long highway drive and was far from impressed, as stated above it seemed like he wasn't there and just pressed play....
I don't understand going to stand around but dancing is something totally different. If you just stand you won't or can't understand the point but if you dance it's a great way to spend a few hours with the wife(or so I think).
Amazing job Spoo!
Unlike a suit, jacket or shirt one could have 200+ ties and still find a hole in a collection but it would be hard to imagine that with the other options.
I've had the same time issue's at Henry's but I guess I have just got use to it and expect it though it is worth mentioning. I had Giovanni make a suit for me but it was a total wreck. Sadly it made the wait at the other shop seem speedy and for some reason I never got a fitting but just a finished suit which didn't fit and was sized for someone much larger than I. I'm sure he does great work as others have had great stuff but I shall never set foot in that shop again,...
It takes a few years.
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