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No error, most of the forum made the same move either years ago or last week.
That last post....wow.
Who's the guy in the vintage thread that works in the HF historical area? He might have a lead to give.
Heck I'd try to contact oxxford to see if they can lend any info on it, such a beauty.
That's a shame guys, I've been ripped here years back and it sucks. For what it's worth 99% of the deals I did here were great but that 1% is all you recall.
Helping with homework trumps near anything.
I'd love to see this in some other photos.
Wow wes that jacket is all win.
My tailor told me that taking out a pleat is like uping the waist by a inch or so due to how the pants are cut. I believe it is far from a minor adjustment as the belted area needs to be fully removed. I have a RLPL suit with double reversed pleats that works fine but I bought it during the old crazy sales days.
New Posts  All Forums: