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Nothing like a quickie!
Sparrow got it, they have asked for help just getting started again but it was shocking to see the list of items that was requested such as a broom or underwear. The boy(14yrs) had asked for boots and gloves plus a x-box game so I guess at least he managed to escape with something, sigh. Thanks again everyone who steps up for the season.
Spoo, you are a man amongst men. This year my wife and I decided to forgo the normal over spending that occurs during the season and we adopted a mother and her teen son who are stuck in a shelter after leaving a abusive relationship. At first when we called to ask about the process we were looking for a mom with a small child as this is where the normal heart strings are tugged but the service asked if we would mind considering a teen as they are generally overlooked...
The new site looks great and even looks good on mobile which is better than 90% of corp America!
"Mr. Mactaggart’s interests have included boating, scuba diving, flying, shooting, car racing, and collecting books, oriental textiles and Chinese paintings." How I could only imagine having this as the noted interests of my life.
Last year I stumbled upon Walker Slater during a walk in Edinburgh. Sadly I didn't have the time to truely look around the store as I would have liked to but I would say that if you are in the area it's worth a moment. Not overly far from the shop where a few niftly looking thrift stores that i wish we had managed to look at also. Great area of town and well worth a few days.
That is bad ass.
As the above poster said it's getting chilly up here.
Drool worthy pictures.
Great stuff!
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