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I had to google the name....sure looks like they would fit this guy and they might just be in the second last pic for all we know: http://www.jeffreymandelbaum.com/images.html
I found a S200 Samuelsohn jacket years back on a thrift trip, was beyond most everything else I've seen so one(I) would expect S250 Brioni is like the feather off a angel's wing.....
Picked this up during the family trip through Hawick at the Lovat mill.
Wow, who would have thought. Makes you wonder the back story of the brand, I've never seen it being anything more than Sears type stuff.
I tried to look but the fam is on a trip out to Macclesfield in the U.K.. Bad internet but great silk, back to bid next week.
Forgot to outbid on that one.
Those would be a great addition to the regular shots, they give a great impression of what the total pattern would look like.
Those Panta's are just a touch to small for me but if a person has not owned a pair this is a great chance to. Certainly on par with any other make I've owned and I would go so far as to say better than most.
4 days a week at the gym and walking the dog every night has done nothing to make me smaller. This middle age crap is every bit as annoying as all those middle aged old men warned me about, fear it young bucks.
When my father passed away I used this site to sell some of his Focal speakers(sadly I just didn't have the room). The people were very helpfull and it might have some insight to the rack system. http://www.canuckaudiomart.com/IMO I'd jump on it, 1K is a price you would spend on a "decent" amp today but it would never be as nifty.I found this link after typing a short search, it would indicate that the 1K is a heck of a deal...
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