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I was watching Fox (I think as we are in Vegas and it's a novelty not on the t.v. in Canada) when they had some clip of the old Obama saying now with his greying hair he would be more willing to speak his mind. It seemed like a odd statement from a person in such a powerful role.
Can anyone explain these bids? http://m.ebay.com/itm/NWT-Deadstock-Vintage-Polo-Ralph-Lauren-Made-in-England-Wool-Blend-Long-Socks-L-/311442798867?nav=SEARCH Paul Smith suits are decent fashion forward items.
Not part of the run but another example of why everyone needs more Panta.
The problems of success.
Wow, way to play SF.
Handy link to keep in the old bookmark folder Clag 😲
I do wonder what that lady said to them, her body language would indicate something rather charming. Mr Blake doesn't seem like the kind of guy capable of defending himself against this cop and it looked like he was taking completely by surprise, I'd be shocked if many of us could stop being cuffed. Sad statement about N.Y. though with no one bothering to even notice or care.
Done for a pair.
Well there ya go, I guess it's clearly light enough that you.don't feel it.
I don't think any Panta's are lined but I could be mistaken.
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