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Antiques Roadshow that thing😉
PM sent!
My goodness, what a load of tripe.
Wow that looks like some amazing stuff. Can hardly wait to see the results!
I found a thread here with the same tag/maker. It's some sort of Italian rip off. Is nwt and a hand written original sticker for $1,200 or so, most of the basting still there. I thought it might be some diffusion line or similar but it seems more like a brand rip. Still thought I'd investigate and see all the same.
Anyone ever seen this brioni tag before? NM Google to the rescue
Threak never fails to deliver.
It looks to me that there is a big X behind the URSS which might indicate the lack of soviet names.
84 Olympics were boycotted by a lot of the Soviet era countries. Cold war stuff.
Sigh, must do more cardio.
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