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How is it you manage to get out of bed every day with this constant positive view of life?
That Isaia coat seems to be missing. Anyone see it and can add a link?
RLPL cashmere vs flannel fight to the death. All I can say is thank goodness I can live in a bubble where these are the issues I want to face. Anyone have a Charlie Sheen winning gif?
Sadly the pants on the 42R won't work but for those that either of these would work jump on them. I have a few of these suits and nothing else I have ever felt is the same. If I could figure out where it is sourced from I would never consider having bespoke made from anything else and at $1200+ these are a steal.
If you manage to get a hold of those sweaters for the ladies I'd put down for 2 or more.
Not sure if my wallet is more happy vs my sad feet.
I wonder if the sweater under the jacket is doing something to the over all fit?
Spoo is an amazing gent: Thanks a bunch and a happy new year to all the LuxeSwap buyers and sellers. My wife and I were stunned with the hand of this fabric used to make this square, it makes me want to rethink all I currently own.
FML, I'd like to add my name to this list.
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