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It would be interesting to know when they named this boy. Is it safe to think they went through some long process to get into America and brought the child with them having named him while living in a refugee camp or did the come upon this brilliant idea after. Isn't there a saying like you can't take the boy out of the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto out of the boy. It would be a shame if this was the exact same thing.
Are the 40 virgins waiting for her?
My dog is better than 99% of the people I have ever met.
I can't argue that the west has done a poor job of being inclusive with those people, it's clearly one of many issues. I will, however, say that either community leaders, parents, society, the media, culture both historical and present day or thier collective peers have done an amazingly shitty job at reminding these guys what a huge opportunity luck had given them being born in those countries. Life is hard, we all know but it is alot easier there compared to Baghdad,...
I'm not making fictional arguments to bandy about. There has been a fair amount of discussion about how the west is to blame and we have it coming, not necessarily in here. All I was adding is some kindly gents would be fairly pleased with themselves to shoot up my office, do goodness knows what with my wife and disallow my children the option to fail school.
Just some misunderstood guys. Clearly not a threat to anyone.
Finally the threak gets legs.
I think the various ethnic differences would stop the first point from ever taking off. The second idea sounds like it comes from Putin and, sadly, he seems to have Obama's balls again.
It might not be exact same groul of individuals who did this but it's the same mindset as those who have done the other attacks. Can you kill them all, probably not but it can't hurt. Somehow the overall way these people are influenced needs to change. Economic lifting needs to happen and women need to be a major part of it all. Things which, again IMO, did not happen in either the gulf war or the Arab spring. Really I think the women need to take over the area's...
Cnn is reporting that France has started direct bombing in Syria. Hard to see how this will be different compared to the current situation. It seems that this was, at least partially, another homegrown terrorism story. While the Isis issue needs to be cleaned up and a effective government has to be implemented back in these recently failed states the issue still is a small portion of people willing to kill for killing. How does this stop when you have, seems to me,...
New Posts  All Forums: