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That is a belief I have subscribed to my whole life.
Epicness all around.
Took me a good moment to stop laughing.
[quote name="SpooPoker" url="/t/307841/luxeswap-official-affiliate-thread/5235#post_6958018 [/quote] Normally Lady Canuker ignore's all this buying stuff I try to do but for this she said GO GO GO.
What a game.
It was a great game and we were lucky to pull a win. All said I never lost faith in our clear superiority.
If, or when, the Canuker family gets to visit NYC I shall have to add this to my list. Good luck to you and the whole show.
Lame and only $55, FML.
Huddersfieldcloth has been well spoken of in other parts of the site. I would have no issues with placing a order from them, I was going to take part in some of those specials also.
New Posts  All Forums: