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Took me a good moment to stop laughing.
[quote name="SpooPoker" url="/t/307841/luxeswap-official-affiliate-thread/5235#post_6958018 [/quote] Normally Lady Canuker ignore's all this buying stuff I try to do but for this she said GO GO GO.
What a game.
It was a great game and we were lucky to pull a win. All said I never lost faith in our clear superiority.
If, or when, the Canuker family gets to visit NYC I shall have to add this to my list. Good luck to you and the whole show.
Lame and only $55, FML.
Huddersfieldcloth has been well spoken of in other parts of the site. I would have no issues with placing a order from them, I was going to take part in some of those specials also.
How is it you manage to get out of bed every day with this constant positive view of life?
That Isaia coat seems to be missing. Anyone see it and can add a link?
New Posts  All Forums: