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That is bad ass.
As the above poster said it's getting chilly up here.
Drool worthy pictures.
Great stuff!
Looking forward to the next installment! Way to go hst!!
7 sold, join up boys.
Add me for a in please Mr.
My tailor does full bespoke for around 1K but I provide the cloth, if I use his the price jumps to around 2K. Half the trade off is that I drop a bit further down the list of his current jobs and he works on my suits/jackets when time allows, which I am fine with. As others have said the OP does not describe bespoke as best as I can tell.
I enjoy watching the stuff that Spoo has to offer and some of it blows my mind like this thing http://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Louis-Vuitton-Mens-Monogram-Canvas-Hemp-Braided-Cuff-Bracelets-NR-INSANE-/350879409346?pt=Fashion_Jewelry&hash=item51b20ae4c2#ht_6070wt_1170
Fully agree, I'd say my tailor does far more work adjusting pants over anything else I buy.
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