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Panta's are the bomb.
I've bought 30+ ties(could/should have been 300+ with ease) from spoo over the last 2 years, he's a good guy for us up north. I think that is the default shipping price when the ebay site locates the postal code up here, often I'll see a $5 shipping charge till I bid and then it jumps to that $25.
Thanks for the reply, I've never read the book and I didn't google further.
The name also brought up the author of game of thrones but I'm not sure if that is correct.
He is the ebay version of the Dos Equis guy.
Amazing. I didn't click the pictures in the auction out of fear, I feel justified with my choice.
Well someone had to do it.
I'm thinking my offer will get me banned from Spoo's auctions.
Sent you a offer.....😈
42k, wow. I'm all for absurd consumption but wow, I can't imagine the lifestyle where that is reasonable.
New Posts  All Forums: