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Snipes are annoying.
Thank you all. It was just a lucky find while one vacation in Scotland but I'm very excited to add it in the colder rotation.
I have a suit made from their S100 and s150 lines, both have worn well and have met my expectations. My tailor spoke highly of the fabric and was impressed but I'm just a suit wearing guy.
My tailor finally got this done for me tonight, looking forward to rocking it tomorrow.
Best move you can make. When I did it I tried to mock myself for the cravings and say if it's doing this to me it's all the more reason I have to beat it. You CAN do it, we are all behind you.Be
I've ordered from the second link.
I have ordered from huddersfield and can recommend the shop.
Wow that Zegna!
Roycru, those original jackets and suits are amongst the best looks and back stories on this site.
Blew 7K on a sound system in my old car but I couldn't install it in the new ride, sadly I miss it.
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