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Brussels will end up accepting some middle ground. It's not unlike a high school break up at this point. Fresh, bitter and full of teen age angst.
That has to be a mistake, right?
Stand up stuff. I can't help on the sale side but I hope that something works the other way and I'd be happy to inflate a bidding war.
That photo of those sitting in a yard makes me sad, somebody could make a good project out of them.
Come on now, no need to be a dolt. Don't tell me that this forum and it's amazing internet sluths are going to do shit, get bent. This is nothing more than a trolling thread and if you think anything more is coming from here I have land you should see.
I might just be a simple minded guy but I don't know what I could have done to understand his actions. I can't for a moment give this guy even a ounce of doubt, please switch that word with what ever you please, he was a loser and took the loser's way out of life. It could have been daddy issues, ISIS, his beliefs, voices in his head(which I don't believe) or something else but from what I can see he worked, payed taxes, went to the gym and had the gainz, shagged a few...
A sleeper would normally be trained and sent for a mission, neither of which seem to describe this loser. Most of the other domestic terrorism guys haven't made a call claiming for isis, he did. While he wasn't the guy who traveled to Syria he still made the claim which is good enough for me, regardless of whether or not he was a diehard. It was report, I believe, that he subscribed to some fairly radical websurfing and that doesn't help to reduce his leaning towards...
Last time we went I booked rather cheap front row tix to the Beatles show and had a blast. As for the high end stuff it's everywhere. I'd rent a car and drive around, do the drive to Primm and see the last call etc.
We need to introduce them to capitalism, show them the benifits of a nice 30 year intrest only morgtages and 18% credit cards. That'll keep down.
New Posts  All Forums: