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Finally the threak gets legs.
I think the various ethnic differences would stop the first point from ever taking off. The second idea sounds like it comes from Putin and, sadly, he seems to have Obama's balls again.
It might not be exact same groul of individuals who did this but it's the same mindset as those who have done the other attacks. Can you kill them all, probably not but it can't hurt. Somehow the overall way these people are influenced needs to change. Economic lifting needs to happen and women need to be a major part of it all. Things which, again IMO, did not happen in either the gulf war or the Arab spring. Really I think the women need to take over the area's...
Cnn is reporting that France has started direct bombing in Syria. Hard to see how this will be different compared to the current situation. It seems that this was, at least partially, another homegrown terrorism story. While the Isis issue needs to be cleaned up and a effective government has to be implemented back in these recently failed states the issue still is a small portion of people willing to kill for killing. How does this stop when you have, seems to me,...
Uh....sure. He's making a difference all over the interwebz.
I think a nice study of the issues will solve the problem.
The supermarket wasn't as close to the bloodbath this story is becoming and they probably didn't have the public support to neutralize people without at least symbolic attempts to negotiate. This event might change that but we've seen lots of things which should have hardened people but didn't.
Wow, that last set. Wow.
Wow, those are really sharp.
Let spoo know who you are, he tends to bulk it all into one package which makes the shipping more than fair. It's hard to beat lux when compared to retail prices up here and the selection is far beyond what we get. Spoo's weekly sales crush both holt's and Harry without fail.
New Posts  All Forums: