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A sleeper would normally be trained and sent for a mission, neither of which seem to describe this loser. Most of the other domestic terrorism guys haven't made a call claiming for isis, he did. While he wasn't the guy who traveled to Syria he still made the claim which is good enough for me, regardless of whether or not he was a diehard. It was report, I believe, that he subscribed to some fairly radical websurfing and that doesn't help to reduce his leaning towards...
Last time we went I booked rather cheap front row tix to the Beatles show and had a blast. As for the high end stuff it's everywhere. I'd rent a car and drive around, do the drive to Primm and see the last call etc.
We need to introduce them to capitalism, show them the benifits of a nice 30 year intrest only morgtages and 18% credit cards. That'll keep down.
I can't see why one wouldn't want to move to the lovely west and then implement Sharia. Best of both worlds, leave a shitty place/government and start your own shitty place with a newly revised shitty set of laws. As for Omar it's clearly a really bad story, only made slightly worse by the thought that he was given the silver spoon of being born in the west yet couldn't make it work. Typical looser story, can't deal with his daddy issues and has to go shooting up a place.
I still have 3 coats and 2 suits from the opening of that location. Think I was in for $500 total all nwt.
That's both a good watch and kinda funny all at the same time. I've always wondered when this cat gets out but like most things it will still be the top 10% who reap.
Ho'ing for veg, never thought I'd see that line here.
And kids in the west think these are the tools to vote for.
Wow, what a jacket.
Wow, how did I not see this:(
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