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StA is now gone.
I'll have to pm the Spoo.....
I just had a final fitting for a pair of new commissions but if that St. Andrews is around tomorrow on to Canada it goes.This said I've never understood how those go for such a "better" price than other makers. We don't have any stores that carry anything true higher end like above so I have limited to compare but my RLPL stuff made by StA is far and above vs any other maker I've ever had, IMO.
Wow those are true steals.
That is a belief I have subscribed to my whole life.
Epicness all around.
Took me a good moment to stop laughing.
[quote name="SpooPoker" url="/t/307841/luxeswap-official-affiliate-thread/5235#post_6958018 [/quote] Normally Lady Canuker ignore's all this buying stuff I try to do but for this she said GO GO GO.
What a game.
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