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I understand the destabilize effect bombings like this have but man what cowards.
Brussels will end up accepting some middle ground. It's not unlike a high school break up at this point. Fresh, bitter and full of teen age angst.
That has to be a mistake, right?
Stand up stuff. I can't help on the sale side but I hope that something works the other way and I'd be happy to inflate a bidding war.
That photo of those sitting in a yard makes me sad, somebody could make a good project out of them.
Come on now, no need to be a dolt. Don't tell me that this forum and it's amazing internet sluths are going to do shit, get bent. This is nothing more than a trolling thread and if you think anything more is coming from here I have land you should see.
I might just be a simple minded guy but I don't know what I could have done to understand his actions. I can't for a moment give this guy even a ounce of doubt, please switch that word with what ever you please, he was a loser and took the loser's way out of life. It could have been daddy issues, ISIS, his beliefs, voices in his head(which I don't believe) or something else but from what I can see he worked, payed taxes, went to the gym and had the gainz, shagged a few...
New Posts  All Forums: