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I've never been into the square tip but this http://www.ebay.com/itm/NWOT-Panta-New-York-Wool-Grey-Fair-Isle-Geometric-Stripe-AUTUMN-Knit-Tie-NR-P22-/311154925114?pt=US_Mens_Ties&hash=item4872475e3a#ht_4132wt_1362 makes me drool.
It is amazing, the only problem is I never managed to get more of the same. In hindsight I would/should have left no stone unturned for the set, you will be pleased.
The wool or silk?
I bought this exact tweed while driving through Hawick this year. The options were amazing but I wanted something bold so that fit the bill, sadly I wish I had more room as one could have bought so much.
It's a super nice jacket, I would love to see it at my home!
Hmph, won't fit but i want to bid just because. Stupid LuxeSwap addiction.
For farks sake.
Spoo's sales of some vintage ties have had me at or above retail. In hindsight some of the auctions I've lost i should have been bidding well over retail as these items don't come back (ties most particularly). Shirts, suits and other clothing are common but ties seem to be produced and then they disappear.
The blue wool Panta. I won the matching brown a few weeks back and it could have done with a partner.
Sigh, I will be annoyed for weeks with the poor results of my one bid, should've gone so much higher.
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