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I bet 😈
Does those say Dior? It's hard to see on my phone. Man I'd like to have a weekend doing Spoo's thrift route, not for the items but more for the experience of it all. I guess when it becomes a career of sorts you perfect the action, alot of the real hardcore guys pull some just amazing stuffs. Best SF thread since dumb threads died years ago.
If they are NOS that could equal money for sure. There are forums which make us clothing guys seem perfectly fine 😕 it's a expensive addiction which I had to give up but I still have a thousand or so. The wife prefers them boxed and put away till a real man room shows up.
The real money is in Redline's http://www.onlineredlineguide.com/ or rare/special editions. This said I'd take a few photos and then scan the bay. Without the package it loses alot though as the real collectors covet it. A quick scan of the toy section keep eyes open for the red circle on the tires for easy redline identity. http://www.ebay.com/bhp/redline-hotwheels
At first I thought that link was to 100 charvet ties and I was wondering why it got shared.....
Sigh those 50oz ties looked lovely.
Got involved with Easter dinner and forgot to update my bids.....some nice ties slipped my grasp.
I collected hotwheels for a while, some money can be dropped in that hobby. It was what got me into thrifting in the first place.
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