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I would love to attend this but it's a bit of a jump from Canukastan, good luck with the sale!
That looks great!
My summer weighted pants are no cuff but most fall/winter weight go cuffed. Something about that little extra heft makes the drape better imo.
http://www.hpamotorsports.com/twin-turbo-golf-r.html Ultra sleeper
That's a shame for your little one and her new room but the rest isn't a problem. Look forward to seeing the listings and one day I'll get motivated enough to send this stuff I have here before it gets dated. Hmm vintage always sells for a premium right 😉! I always thought those rides were a real bargin and would like to here the view of a person who has owned both sides of that brand. The idea of a gently abused one has always caught my fancy but brand new.....jelly. ...
It's a over the net thing but far beyond most retail stuff. I have 5 currently and have another few on order. You will be spoiled and they will make the others in your closet jealous.
Amazing work bud!
As has been said here before a lost auction ment you did not bid enough. This said getting beat by a nickel 3 seconds to close with no second chances is disgusting.
Sigh, when you win the internet please don't post a humble brag about it.
Someone needs to own and love the brown Escorial Panta, not mine but if I could justify owning two of the same ties....
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