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Ahh, it's a shipping to Canada/international issue with those auctions.
I'm in for 3 ties and a sweater so far. I was nearly 100% sure that I had seen more that I wanted to bid on, there are 111 auctions correct?
Where did those 16 neck Isaia shirts and that RLPL overcoat go?
Placed 4 or 5 bids and might add a few more. Some really nice stuff out there for sure! I don't think the T&A square is a lot from what the description said.
Stand up stuff. I can't help on the sale side but I hope that something works the other way and I'd be happy to inflate a bidding war.
That photo of those sitting in a yard makes me sad, somebody could make a good project out of them.
Last time we went I booked rather cheap front row tix to the Beatles show and had a blast. As for the high end stuff it's everywhere. I'd rent a car and drive around, do the drive to Primm and see the last call etc.
I still have 3 coats and 2 suits from the opening of that location. Think I was in for $500 total all nwt.
That's both a good watch and kinda funny all at the same time. I've always wondered when this cat gets out but like most things it will still be the top 10% who reap.
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