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Great news and I'll take advantage off this offer.
Sigh for my lack of spoo slenderness.
I wish someone would do that to me
I feel as though I touched a spot Clearly it is a gimmick but what is life if not for living.
I keep toying with the idea of ordering some S200 from huddersfield http://www.huddersfieldcloth.com/Products/43 but can't find anyone on the net who has so I have no idea what it would be like. I did read on AAAC that the S200 is so fine that you won't get 10+ wearings out of it but that seemed silly......Not that this has anything to do with Brioni S200 suiting but was related in my head.
What a great back pack. My favorite thrift find ever is a similar but not vintage bag, so useful and at a fiver such a deal.
I just reduced Spoo's tie inventory by 5, I have no idea where I'm going to fit these but thank goodness for those first world problems.
Shitty deal but all for a reason.
New Posts  All Forums: