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Thanks, I hadn't heard much further. Coup in Turkey will add some drama to the old M.E. and Europe.
I don't think that there has been a global conspiracy to "import" immigrants and refugees with the plan of treating them like shit once they have arrived. Clearly that has been the end result for some people but far from the case for the majority. Some people are losers who have failed at most aspects of life, this guy most likely fits into such a category. I had read he that he had grenades and other arms inside of the truck, how can this be if he was a lone wolf. I...
Happy anniversary!!! It's a hell of a accomplishment to have pulled off what Spoo has done, my hat to you.
What a bummer.
Yup if fit wasn't a issue I'd bid for them all!
Found this yesterday at a consignment shop for $70 Canadian, so I payed but it's a keeper. Cashmere lined and seemingly nwt. Also scored 3 Brunello pants and some other assorted goodies which one day I'll send over to Spoo.
Ahh, it's a shipping to Canada/international issue with those auctions.
I'm in for 3 ties and a sweater so far. I was nearly 100% sure that I had seen more that I wanted to bid on, there are 111 auctions correct?
Where did those 16 neck Isaia shirts and that RLPL overcoat go?
Placed 4 or 5 bids and might add a few more. Some really nice stuff out there for sure! I don't think the T&A square is a lot from what the description said.
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