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I wear a tie nearly every day to the office(private wealth management) with half being a suit and the other a jacket combination but this is the clear exception. Younger guys don't shave, think golf shirts are fine and hardly own suits let alone a few ties. They wonder why the older generation won't trust them to manage real money yet the older guard continues to expand business, sadly even my office manager only sports a tie twice a week at best. Myself I enjoy the...
So when this "I'm a ok kinda guy" stuff ends does someone win the internetz?
Who fucking cares about some thread on a random website floating around the internet, get real.
What a derail.
Would you be able to comment on the usefullness of such a cloth? I've read that the real lifetime of such a suit would be in the hours of use but it's hard to judge where these comments are coming from. It seems odd that a factory would make a item that is almost doomed to annoy the end user. Would such a cloth be better for a sports coat? Most of the 180-200's I've seen on the net are in such a way they lean towards a suit.Thanks for any insight you can give.
What's the deal with those Abla items. They seem to have a huge markdown but nothing on google...
We rented a 110 defender with diesel for our last family trip to the UK, was a beast and far from plush but still fun. Not a Bentley or a Range Rover and I'd never do it again but a good memory.
I bet 😈
Does those say Dior? It's hard to see on my phone. Man I'd like to have a weekend doing Spoo's thrift route, not for the items but more for the experience of it all. I guess when it becomes a career of sorts you perfect the action, alot of the real hardcore guys pull some just amazing stuffs. Best SF thread since dumb threads died years ago.
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