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Have that same Turnbull jacket sitting at home, my favorite casual spring/summer unit. Retail was well over 1k if I recall, someone will be really happy with it. I bought the last one at the Beverly Hills shop and was told NY had sold out in a very short time period. Blah blah.
I'd rock that Hermes often. I have a cashmere hoodie which was bought on the forum 5+ years back and I'd love to add another few. There is something wonderful about such total overkill in regards to hoodies, it's common man stuff but chances are you will never meet another person rolling cashmere for a hoodie.
The last 5 postings have really brought the juice...nice stuffs Gents.
How did they get my old return?
I wear a tie nearly every day to the office(private wealth management) with half being a suit and the other a jacket combination but this is the clear exception. Younger guys don't shave, think golf shirts are fine and hardly own suits let alone a few ties. They wonder why the older generation won't trust them to manage real money yet the older guard continues to expand business, sadly even my office manager only sports a tie twice a week at best. Myself I enjoy the...
So when this "I'm a ok kinda guy" stuff ends does someone win the internetz?
Who fucking cares about some thread on a random website floating around the internet, get real.
What a derail.
Would you be able to comment on the usefullness of such a cloth? I've read that the real lifetime of such a suit would be in the hours of use but it's hard to judge where these comments are coming from. It seems odd that a factory would make a item that is almost doomed to annoy the end user. Would such a cloth be better for a sports coat? Most of the 180-200's I've seen on the net are in such a way they lean towards a suit.Thanks for any insight you can give.
What's the deal with those Abla items. They seem to have a huge markdown but nothing on google...
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