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I set a filter for "auctions" though I do look at the BIN items also.
That reminds me to pay for my last bag/jacket😈
Drugs+spoo's amazaballs women's wear+lack of self-esteem=profit?
I scored a (hopefully) amazing jacket this last round. Just got back in work from a 3 week break to see a wonderful Kiton sitting on my office desk, gotta love Luxeswap😀
Happy anniversary!!! It's a hell of a accomplishment to have pulled off what Spoo has done, my hat to you.
Yup if fit wasn't a issue I'd bid for them all!
Found this yesterday at a consignment shop for $70 Canadian, so I payed but it's a keeper. Cashmere lined and seemingly nwt. Also scored 3 Brunello pants and some other assorted goodies which one day I'll send over to Spoo.
Ahh, it's a shipping to Canada/international issue with those auctions.
I'm in for 3 ties and a sweater so far. I was nearly 100% sure that I had seen more that I wanted to bid on, there are 111 auctions correct?
Where did those 16 neck Isaia shirts and that RLPL overcoat go?
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