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Blame it all on the Price is Right.
Thats purdy.
It's perfect, I'm always worried with working cuffs but this show's about a 1/4 inch or so. I have a Brioni cashmere jacket on today and there is no difference between the quality of cloth, light and soft yet that perfect weight that only cashmere seems to have.
Bad pick, shirt and tie were planned for something else and selfie's aren't my cup of tea.
Recieved my StA jacket from Spoo today. I'd highly advise others to look at this weeks stuff from the same gent, this coat looks fresh of the rack and never used.
Both of those are very impressive.
Oh. That sucks.
Customs can suck. You might want to see if Spoo can use regular mail as, from my trials, it seems to avoid customs from the UK shipping to Canada and it might do the same going from the states.
New Posts  All Forums: