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Snipes drive me crazy but I guess that just says I have to bid higher.
There is something wrong with that sale, it's not showing the pictures for me either....
I had to google the name....sure looks like they would fit this guy and they might just be in the second last pic for all we know: http://www.jeffreymandelbaum.com/images.html
I found a S200 Samuelsohn jacket years back on a thrift trip, was beyond most everything else I've seen so one(I) would expect S250 Brioni is like the feather off a angel's wing.....
Picked this up during the family trip through Hawick at the Lovat mill.
Wow, who would have thought. Makes you wonder the back story of the brand, I've never seen it being anything more than Sears type stuff.
I tried to look but the fam is on a trip out to Macclesfield in the U.K.. Bad internet but great silk, back to bid next week.
Forgot to outbid on that one.
Those would be a great addition to the regular shots, they give a great impression of what the total pattern would look like.
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