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It's all in good fun....right?
Sometimes it's hard to deal with common folk from way up on a perch.
A opinion doesn't have to be informed to be valid. There are alot of things that a person can form a opinion about without any real prior notice. This italian food tastes bad, would I have to be a chef for my opinion to be valid or could the food just taste bad to me?
Wow and I felt like a putz for saying those pants looked silly. All this thread needs is a spaghetti reference(though most won't understand).
I hope that it did provide a wonderful effect while walking but without that context it looks silly in the photo used.
While 95% of this is a wonderful looking woman she does look like she has grown hoofs. If you saw this walking down the street you would wonder what went wrong with those pants and why hasn't she done something about them. From my screen it is some real lux looking fabric to be dragging on the streets of Italy, I'd have happily seen it finished and not thrown away as a rag. Just because it's a Pitti photo doesn't give it a pass.This is no different than those who keep...
Condolences TM.
Sure I'm wrong but I find it hard to believe a woman would show up to this dressd like a clown.
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