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I don't think any Panta's are lined but I could be mistaken.
The knots are smaller from the Panta's I own that have the same description of the silk. I would say they are slightly bigger than say what a Hermes would end as but smaller compared to Zegna or other Italian similar level silks. My thoughts describe the end result as being a pleasure to own, almost more vintage in feel than something current. I am up to about 15 or so of the ties in silk, wool and blends.
I certainly don't need 4 but it's not as if you will see them again so....
Have that same pair on today, lovely stuff.
A14 and B14 but I was busy so I only briefly looked at the options, my tie addiction is so bad I'd rock any of them.
Voted and subscribed. Looking forward to this happening.
I can't recall the price as it all converts to Cad for my sales and the exchange adds 20% for my orders. Even with that extra thump Panta makes every other purchase I made before seem like a poor choice(the only exception is when Ed was selling odds and ends a good number of years ago and deals were insane here). Make the plunge and never look back.
I would never purchase another brand. It took one order and I have never had to adjust the measurements.On a side note my wife does alot of hobby sewing so she is precise about measuring, it might have helped.
She did them off my body I believe but it's been a while. When I place a new order with Ed he ask's me to check it against my older pants to make sure nothing has changed which, thankfully, is still the case.
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