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WTF is the deal with the Agnona jacket Wes linked.....it looks beyond drool worthy.
https://g.co/kgs/eEErDJ Any one else read this book? Fuuma's comment about old school vs new school reminded me of this guy commenting about his daily fitness regime vs the "youkles" who came from the religious schools to fight. His indication was not a lot of the jihad guys seemed much more than indoctrination cases not unlike Hitler youth. Stupid phone link doesn't show but the book is My Jihad written by some kid from America.
What a sad and potent statement he had. I can't imagine what those streets are like.
He should have been all "pew pew, I shot you".
Oh...well it never fails that there is more to the story than meets the eye.
The dog was certainly over used but that guy was given a fair chance. There is certainly the possibility that had the guy just pulled over he'd not be receiving that. It's not right and I'm sure it happens all the time but that video shows excessive force not targeted brutality. The cop should still face some sort of justice for sure, he went over board and isn't what we all want in that role.
I'd think he was handed the gun. Should have double checked the weapon, clearly, but it's possible that he thought it was cleared for this type of use. Like others have said he really should have been given a dummy weapon in hindsight.A real shame but will her picture be held up at the next rally?GLM.
I googled Oyster Bay to have a look where the shop is and it seems(to me) like a short drive if one was to fly into N.Y. for a visit. That said I've never been and have only heard about the traffic but where there is a will.....
And i just booked a trip to Vegas this weekend. Are there protective measures I should be taking?
It would be interesting to see if stats existed showing the racial break down of each department where shootings occur. It would also be interesting to see the average years on the force for the average shooting, I've often wondered if shootings happen more often with a "disenfranchised" police service.
New Posts  All Forums: