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$7,800. Low baller wins.
LOL, I ment to say that. 4:30 mst where I am.....sigh.
They normally go live around 3:30-4:30 pm EST on thursday's.
Man that thing is so beyond Pimping, I can only imagine the swagger it defaults one to having. Epic!
Times have changed. You can't fault these guys for converting all the time into some cash flow but the soul is not the same.
-40 is -40 on both sides of the border I believe but this does the math: http://www.onlineconversions.org/temperature.htm?gclid=CPbF3ZjhmMICFZSHaQod7q8Afw Either way it's really freaking cold.
I think that is a great jacket and the rest would be the same. Sigh for money and it's objects.
I bought a new outer shell last winter after searching but not finding anything but all my base layers have come from thrifting, I can't spend $80 for a fleece when I know I can look and find the same thing for $6. My old shell lasted 15 years and I only got rid of it after the zipper teeth broke, style doesn't matter vs warmth IMO.
Over spend or don't win, either way you get a deal.
Best you found about the tired little guy before it became a bigger issue and sorry about your uncle.
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