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I set a filter for "auctions" though I do look at the BIN items also.
That reminds me to pay for my last bag/jacket😈
Drugs+spoo's amazaballs women's wear+lack of self-esteem=profit?
Does the non-beheading count as a fail? On a not so dickish comment the BBC was reporting that they recorded a video, wonder when that will hit the net.
I scored a (hopefully) amazing jacket this last round. Just got back in work from a 3 week break to see a wonderful Kiton sitting on my office desk, gotta love Luxeswap😀
BBC is reporting shots fired at a Munich shopping center...
Wonder how many weapons went through that guys hands?
Debt. I think that capitalism and it's debt is the tool needed to "convert" a ideology. Nothing stops a guy from protesting in the streets like the wife telling him it's time for work. Of course this takes proper government, a decent economy and the infrastructure to accommodate such employees. How does one convert a dictatorship into the western world, I guess time and collective want.
Uh, that's not news and won't sell newspapers. "At least 47 other people were wounded in shootings across Chicago between about 7:30 p.m. Friday and 8:30 p.m. Sunday." Barely a footnote in the article. At what point does this cross the line into domestic terrorism?
New Posts  All Forums: