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Leveraging Spoo's track record is worth the effort. I'm not sure what premium his name/brand commands for sales but it sure seems like there is a wide following which helps the bottom line.
I had that same tweed on yesterday, great stuff.
This in the total reverse, uhg. 😅
Can anyone explain these bids? http://m.ebay.com/itm/NWT-Deadstock-Vintage-Polo-Ralph-Lauren-Made-in-England-Wool-Blend-Long-Socks-L-/311442798867?nav=SEARCH Paul Smith suits are decent fashion forward items.
Not part of the run but another example of why everyone needs more Panta.
The problems of success.
Wow, way to play SF.
Handy link to keep in the old bookmark folder Clag 😲
Done for a pair.
Well there ya go, I guess it's clearly light enough that you.don't feel it.
New Posts  All Forums: