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And i just booked a trip to Vegas this weekend. Are there protective measures I should be taking?
It would be interesting to see if stats existed showing the racial break down of each department where shootings occur. It would also be interesting to see the average years on the force for the average shooting, I've often wondered if shootings happen more often with a "disenfranchised" police service.
Mental issues...we were all 19 once. Nothing to see here but a random multiple stabbing event not done for terror reasons but only because he was having a hard go at it, please carry on with your normal scheduled sheepish life. Norwegian national of Somali origin now in the UK, how does one ask more about this background without sounding like an alarmist? Can't he just get a job and live life like the rest of us?
I was wondering what the historical reasoning was behind this. Halal is another thing that confuses me, I have read up on it and can see the process but not the reasoning. Control?
Without seeming like a larger tool than I am, can someone quickly explain the issue with handling beef and how it causes issues leading to death?
I set a filter for "auctions" though I do look at the BIN items also.
That reminds me to pay for my last bag/jacket😈
Drugs+spoo's amazaballs women's wear+lack of self-esteem=profit?
Does the non-beheading count as a fail? On a not so dickish comment the BBC was reporting that they recorded a video, wonder when that will hit the net.
New Posts  All Forums: