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Indeed. I'd love to explore the LP but I'm sure it would be far to snug on this "enhanced" body
http://www.ebay.com/itm/NWOT-Ralph-Lauren-Purple-Label-100-Cashmere-Birdseye-Tweed-3-Piece-Suit-40L-A1P-/311688855899?hash=item48921a815b:g:8gYAAOSwi0RXyLTL Dafunk is this????? How can I both add a few inch's in height and lose a few in the tummy......
Wow, if I could have this level of insight to my own daily wear
But Kerry said it wasn't and this group of people were different than the other politicians who lie. Well Clinton will set it all straight....did that plane land in Little Rock at some point?
See above mention of Ed, I've bought cloth from him a number of times and am always pleased. 80% of my pants are from Panta and those have never failed either. Ed has a good eye and a depth of knowledge whom I trust to find things that are never going to show up in my city.I have done the mills but never found those to be what I expected unless I have been there in person which is difficult at best.
WTF is the deal with the Agnona jacket Wes linked.....it looks beyond drool worthy.
https://g.co/kgs/eEErDJ Any one else read this book? Fuuma's comment about old school vs new school reminded me of this guy commenting about his daily fitness regime vs the "youkles" who came from the religious schools to fight. His indication was not a lot of the jihad guys seemed much more than indoctrination cases not unlike Hitler youth. Stupid phone link doesn't show but the book is My Jihad written by some kid from America.
What a sad and potent statement he had. I can't imagine what those streets are like.
He should have been all "pew pew, I shot you".
Oh...well it never fails that there is more to the story than meets the eye.
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