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I placed that call and had a nice chat with the man they call Spoo! Wonderful to hear about the shop and stuff he has waiting for us all That Kiton is going to a good home, along side some of this week's stuff, but I'd highly advise giving him a call to see what else is kicking around. There is a darn good chance of a snazzy BC jacket finding it's way to my collection.
That's me getting pushed out of the way but I could be back for more. It still looks like an amazing deal after I looked at the LP website. ladies jacket seems similar to my untrained eye.
I'd hope it's north of $800 but that would be shocking. The L just won't work on this frame so I'm just out, sadly. For a brief moment I did debate about it anyways but having it just to drool seemed silly. Then this came on the old radio and I thought, hmm maybe a fuck it was needed.
Indeed. I'd love to explore the LP but I'm sure it would be far to snug on this "enhanced" body Dafunk is this????? How can I both add a few inch's in height and lose a few in the tummy......
Wow, if I could have this level of insight to my own daily wear
See above mention of Ed, I've bought cloth from him a number of times and am always pleased. 80% of my pants are from Panta and those have never failed either. Ed has a good eye and a depth of knowledge whom I trust to find things that are never going to show up in my city.I have done the mills but never found those to be what I expected unless I have been there in person which is difficult at best.
WTF is the deal with the Agnona jacket Wes looks beyond drool worthy.
I googled Oyster Bay to have a look where the shop is and it seems(to me) like a short drive if one was to fly into N.Y. for a visit. That said I've never been and have only heard about the traffic but where there is a will.....
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