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Those are very sharp.
Such a nice jacket, sigh my short round body.
That is a shocking deal, if not for my 42r shape I'd happily have it shipped up here. $450 for a suit is a nice price for normal stuff and I'd expect this to be in a different range all together. That figure reminds me of the brief 2008 fire sale period which some here on SF did really well with.
My wife actually did all the first measurements over the net with Ed a few years back. When it's time for a new pair I'm more the in between guy for Lady Canuker and Panta. I would take advantage of the sale if you were thinking of trying the line. I've had/have alot of the top line shop brands and the pants/ties Ed brings to the plate are equal if not superior by far in quality and build. Price wise there is nothing that I have seen which compares, if anything Panta...
Nice. I can hardly wait!
That's freaking cool. In a small way Spoo allows us all the chance to be the kid who shag'd the prom queen. From shopping the world's boutique venues, having the correct dimple in a tie or rolling a exotic ride to a thrift shop. Thanks for sharing the fun and that's a nice toy.
These 4 are due to arrive shortly to my collection.
I would love to attend this but it's a bit of a jump from Canukastan, good luck with the sale!
That looks great!
My summer weighted pants are no cuff but most fall/winter weight go cuffed. Something about that little extra heft makes the drape better imo.
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