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Can anyone explain these bids? http://m.ebay.com/itm/NWT-Deadstock-Vintage-Polo-Ralph-Lauren-Made-in-England-Wool-Blend-Long-Socks-L-/311442798867?nav=SEARCH Paul Smith suits are decent fashion forward items.
Not part of the run but another example of why everyone needs more Panta.
The problems of success.
Wow, way to play SF.
Handy link to keep in the old bookmark folder Clag 😲
Done for a pair.
Well there ya go, I guess it's clearly light enough that you.don't feel it.
I don't think any Panta's are lined but I could be mistaken.
The knots are smaller from the Panta's I own that have the same description of the silk. I would say they are slightly bigger than say what a Hermes would end as but smaller compared to Zegna or other Italian similar level silks. My thoughts describe the end result as being a pleasure to own, almost more vintage in feel than something current. I am up to about 15 or so of the ties in silk, wool and blends.
I certainly don't need 4 but it's not as if you will see them again so....
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