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165 on the Velcro.
I'd stink bid that just for the hell.of it.
I'll join this wagering if someone wants to put it together.
There is nothing like receiving a box from Ed, thank you sir. Next is to select a few cotton/linen pants for summer.
I don't know if i am to laugh or shake my head, wow.
No error, most of the forum made the same move either years ago or last week.
That last post....wow.
Who's the guy in the vintage thread that works in the HF historical area? He might have a lead to give.
Heck I'd try to contact oxxford to see if they can lend any info on it, such a beauty.
That's a shame guys, I've been ripped here years back and it sucks. For what it's worth 99% of the deals I did here were great but that 1% is all you recall.
New Posts  All Forums: