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Meh, it's fairly clear he's guilty thus he can swing. /end
You need to get da wimminz....mostly so I can get one for myself. The boss comments that lots of Spoo shipments show up with nothing for her.
Just watched a news briefing and I'm a little surprised that the fbi didn't investigate his Internet usage. The spokesman listed off a few angles that they reviewed him but that seemed omitted to my ears. It's a total disaster and, as a Canadian, can see the call for checked weapons but I've never heard of such a "attack" before hence it would be shocking if this guy was the isis mole who utilizes the tactic. Still, this should act as a intelligence issue as one could...
Nice work.
Spoo is the man. Today I received a text while I was talking on the old phone with a client. It read "holy shit what a box". I sorta forgot about it and continued with my conversation but wondered wtf was that. After I finished the call and went to get a cup of Joe I looked at the text only to then realize it was from Spoo whom I had called and texted about some ties. How amazing that he not only added my contact info but took the time to send me a message when my...
That RLPL suit was a steal.
Smashing work:) I can already tell whomever gets in that dress isn't gonna let me get her out of it
I'm shocked that people are shocked with how it went. Recent "western" elections have seen the swing vote be huge in the final outcome, Trump tapped into it and Clinton simply ignored it for what ever reason. Sanders was the writing on the wall for those who wanted change, Trump just took those and ran past the line.
Rough life.
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