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Condolences TM.
Sure I'm wrong but I find it hard to believe a woman would show up to this dressd like a clown.
Sigh my small feet, not often amazing boots show up. I would happily see those at my house.
Pure win up there.
Wow wes that is zooming along.
Such a bummer it's L.
I've seen the ties but the other items?
Somehow I feel better after reading stichies post and deciding that I'm so ignorant to all this that any thoughts I might have are neither hate or love but issues I have with loafers, short pants and lack of socks.
Lino is the tattoo bearded guy who did the shorts with a suit thing? Are you telling me he's not actually famous for being anything more than the look, oh my. Kardashian ftw. So hipster first or the likes of these Pitti people, Chicken and egg dilemma.
Are they paid for this or is it an attention issue? I only have a slight grasp on Pitti from what I have read in this thread so forgive my ignorance.
New Posts  All Forums: