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Have these already been in production? They look similar to some I have at home but I'm not there to.compare right now. For what it's worth the silk/cotton blends are really nice. Flecks of color throughout and a nice hand, a nice addition to my collection for sure.
I have two pairs of a linen blend, no idea what or who made the cloth but I enjoy them greatly.
Lovely. This Canadian dollar is destroying my plans for another couple pairs for the spring.
I don't thrift often but when I do...
Looks like a dreamy listing.
I finally broke out my rusty last week and cannot speak highly enough of the fine quality of this silk. It's easily as fine as any other I own and could be above. Soft and light, I was devastated I hadn't bought the full run.
Uh huh.
Nicely done
Mine arrived today, rust and the green.
Should be used by the anti smoking lobby.
New Posts  All Forums: