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God help if you returned it for cash 😎
You need to get da wimminz....mostly so I can get one for myself. The boss comments that lots of Spoo shipments show up with nothing for her.
Nice work.
Spoo is the man. Today I received a text while I was talking on the old phone with a client. It read "holy shit what a box". I sorta forgot about it and continued with my conversation but wondered wtf was that. After I finished the call and went to get a cup of Joe I looked at the text only to then realize it was from Spoo whom I had called and texted about some ties. How amazing that he not only added my contact info but took the time to send me a message when my...
That RLPL suit was a steal.
Smashing work:) I can already tell whomever gets in that dress isn't gonna let me get her out of it
Rough life.
I'd think it is a very wealthy guy who had/s a minor addiction to amazing stuff, bought what he wanted but it took some time to perfect his sizing and has lost weight over the years.
I think he said it was wool. I don't have a wool Kiton tie so I wanted to see what gives....I can only imagine/hope it's wool for the gods.
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