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Great post.
That looks like a suit modeled after a butchers coat. Jackie Denardo has huge tits tho!
It starts tomorrow at 2pm at Truman Brewery on Brick Lane. I went last year and got some suits at great deals (i.e., MRSP £2400 for £100) . It was a hellish experience though -- think of a space suitable for 50 people and add 40 racks of clothing and 150 more people. I'm hoping for Edward Green's for £50.
I went this morning -- it wasn't that great. I bought a cashmere purple label blazer (or which there were two). There are loads of suits, leather jackets, polo shirts, dress shirts, etc., lots of smalls and XXL items, but nothing much caught my eye.
I am a 42R and about 195 pounds which fits perfectly. When I was lighter by 20 pounds I wore a 40R, and believe when I weighed 30 pounds lighter I was still a 40 so I wouldn't worry too much about losing shoulder size more than you already have. That said, the waist will obviously keep going down a lot.
I was just talking shit -- I was actually wasted when I wrote that (sad is my life that I go on SF when I'm drunk) and realize it doesn't make much sense.That said, sober I just couldn't be bothered to talk to you about something we disagree about.
Your argument is stupid. The things that resemble their more expensive likenesses are fake. People are generally skeptical of anything fake (Spinoza argues the fear of fakes is a survival tactic -- or he didnt?) so why would they want something that copies something better. To a rich dude a watch isn't a big deal -- you are grosser than them.
You know you've nailed a joke when you have to explain it....
Good article -- thanks!
No not the videos themselves but the youtube transformation videos seemed Christian. I realize that was a pretty dumb comment but hey why not?
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