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I am a 42R and about 195 pounds which fits perfectly. When I was lighter by 20 pounds I wore a 40R, and believe when I weighed 30 pounds lighter I was still a 40 so I wouldn't worry too much about losing shoulder size more than you already have. That said, the waist will obviously keep going down a lot.
I was just talking shit -- I was actually wasted when I wrote that (sad is my life that I go on SF when I'm drunk) and realize it doesn't make much sense.That said, sober I just couldn't be bothered to talk to you about something we disagree about.
Your argument is stupid. The things that resemble their more expensive likenesses are fake. People are generally skeptical of anything fake (Spinoza argues the fear of fakes is a survival tactic -- or he didnt?) so why would they want something that copies something better. To a rich dude a watch isn't a big deal -- you are grosser than them.
You know you've nailed a joke when you have to explain it....
Good article -- thanks!
No not the videos themselves but the youtube transformation videos seemed Christian. I realize that was a pretty dumb comment but hey why not?
Is there something Christian about P90X? I only ask because every single video I watched on youtube of body transformations (well, watched meaning jumping forward in 5 minute increments -- why the fuck are they so long?) had some reference to the bible.
Hey Duderz, I'm currently transforming my fat physique into something a bit more healthy/aesthetically appealing. I am about 14 stone (90kg / 200lb) and 5'10" -- I used to be very muscular and quasi ripped but the last few years have taken their toll (read: loads of alcohol and rich foods), and I have gotten unacceptably heavy, though thankfully the fat is quite evenly distributed so I don't look as massive as I am. I am currently doing British Military Fitness 4-5...
A 19 year old guy has no place in Trumpers -- its old and not in a particularly interesting way. I have had cuts at all of the expected barber/shaving places and none have been better than at a cheap barber.The best barber in London is a guy named Carlo Anichini located in Piccadilly Arcade. He is a great guy and seriously excellent cutter. Call him 020 74935692
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