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I suspect Richard's instability will be a problem for Jimmy soon. His affection for Margaret and feelings of being slightly by Jimmy makes me think he'll soon be working for Nucky.At the end of the day, this is a show about Eunoch Thompson and not Jimmy Darmody so this IRA deal and his relinquishing of power to the Commodore et al is all a play to reassert Nucky as the big boss.
What they lack in expertise they make up for in unsightliness.
I have a mainline suit which I picked up at the Paul Smith Sale Shop off Bond Street -- I paid about £350ish. I'd say its one of my least favorite suits I own on account of the cheap fabric, poor fit and general construction. The shoulders are very bulky, the lining has torn twice, and it just feels and looks a bit drab. Granted, even at full-retail it isn't hellishly expensive, but for £700-900 I'd say it falls short compared with what else is on offer. A Richard James...
Shoe trees are more expensive in the UK so you can easily recoup by selling on eBay -- if they had sent bigger ones instead of smaller I'd have bought them from you at your cost.How exactly does this relate to jurisprudence?
Calvin Klein doesn't strike me as someone who wears a 35.5 inch waist, but hey, we'll take your word for it.
Great post.
That looks like a suit modeled after a butchers coat. Jackie Denardo has huge tits tho!
It starts tomorrow at 2pm at Truman Brewery on Brick Lane. I went last year and got some suits at great deals (i.e., MRSP £2400 for £100) . It was a hellish experience though -- think of a space suitable for 50 people and add 40 racks of clothing and 150 more people. I'm hoping for Edward Green's for £50.
I went this morning -- it wasn't that great. I bought a cashmere purple label blazer (or which there were two). There are loads of suits, leather jackets, polo shirts, dress shirts, etc., lots of smalls and XXL items, but nothing much caught my eye.
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