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Sex definitely sells mens blazers. I love how she lists her measurements -- titillating!!
I am a lawyer, and spent about as much time as it would take me to help this guy staring aimlessly at my screen.
I got into a slight altercation with the manager of my gym and silently brooded during my entire workout -- I'll show that guy not to mess with me. Next time, he might even have a clue I am upset.
That pretty presumptuous (and stupid).Shoes are probably one of the easiest items in a wardrobe to determine quality -- they're basically leather, soles, welts, and stitching. Go to a shoe store and pick up a pair of Aldens, then a pair of C&J -- there are obvious differences in finishing to the most untrained eye. Compare some EGs with C&J and again, the differences are very obvious to someone with a modicum of knowledge.Price often does reflect quality on mass produced...
Didn't follow the link, but Loakes are not in the same league as C&J, G&G (which themselves aren't in the same league as C&J -- better not worse), or basically any other English maker. AE's that I've seen aren't great compared w/better English brands,so perhaps they're on par w/Loake? Perhaps there are multiple levels of Loake, but all I've seen have left much to be desired.
I meant Margaret !!! Don't you remember he was her bodyguard when Nucky was almost murdered?
I suppose he could have shit on his shoes afterward!
TED are lectures by smart people which are broadcast online. They appeal to people who, rather than read a book, prefer to listen to a lecture and then, without the knowledge acquired by reading a full book, act like experts on subject to which they've basically committed a grand total of 45 minutes.I am only being facetious because of the number of facebook friends of mine (who I know are completely thick) who post links to TED lectures to either (a) appear intelligent,...
I suspect Richard's instability will be a problem for Jimmy soon. His affection for Margaret and feelings of being slightly by Jimmy makes me think he'll soon be working for Nucky.At the end of the day, this is a show about Eunoch Thompson and not Jimmy Darmody so this IRA deal and his relinquishing of power to the Commodore et al is all a play to reassert Nucky as the big boss.
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