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There are some befores on the next page -- my baaad leatherking!
http://www.styleforum.net/t/73327/old-foster-and-son-can-anyone-tell-me-more-about-these This guy used it for some old bespoke shoes (no before pics, but the afters are amazing). Shoe leather is fairly durable so I can't see how leatherique could be bad -- perhaps on ultra-fine calf it may soften too much leading to more creasing? I dunno. I've used leatherique products on vintage purses for my girlfriend and they're come out as new. I never understand why companies...
I actually found Thomas when I was looking for cheap sex (and I just happened to have a few suits which needed altering).I am glad he's been replaced by new blood -- Yusef wasn't as good as Thomas.
Twas a piece of shit ending to an OK season.
I see the point, but in a way I want to look stylish if my wife is going to be wearing something amazing (and not like a tranny). Its a tough one.
EXACTLY DUDE-- MASSIVELY IMPORTANT TO THE STYLEFORUM COMMUNITY AT LARGE.Ok maybe I was being a jerk about the pumps. I don't have any problem wearing them, but I think they're a bit old (and I dress like a fairly old man).
Sorry but that is a gross suggestion. I am marrying a woman, not a mannequin. The only way opera slippers look reasonably ok is if the dude is heavily overweight and over 50.
Also, I am not against fashion brands like Gucci or Prada or LV or whatever if they have something very fun and suitable. xx
YoYO I'm looking for suggestions for what shoes to wear w/a tux for my wedding. I'm getting a shawl collar tux from Hardy Amies in London, and was wondering what shoes are best. I am sort of torn between (a) JL St Crispin double monks and having them polished to to a mirror shine, (b) patent leather numbers -- I think someone in London must have a nice set,or (c) ??? Not looking for anything from Alden/BB/American generally -- more inclined to go with a G&G than...
I have the exact same problem with my Becketts. They are heavily wrinkled, both at the normal point, and right in the center of he sides of the shoe where they are connected to the sole (bad explanation, sorry). I find myself constantly conditioning and polishing them to restore the finish, only to lose it seconds after wearing them.I have a few pairs of JL (Lopez, some other loafers, and a few dress shoes) which all are great EXCEPT the Becketts seem like the leather is...
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