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Funny post!I am pretty anal about things like shoe trees, and try to get lasted whenever possible. That said, I am not sure there is any additional benefit at all because the main point is to smooth out wrinkles and keep the soles flat, and non-lasted trees seem to do the exact same thing. I found myself getting a bit OCD about dumb shoe shit after I started reading online a few years back. My Dad has a closet filled with a lifetime of nice shoes and he uses old plastic...
Agree - Timezone. It might be a small problem if you don't have any feedback there so try to use a work email address or be really transparent about where you're from, who you are, etc. I bought from a dude with almost no feedback, but he happened to send me an email from his .EDU address (he is a professor at UCLA) which I then researched, etc., so bought with confidence.
That guy is embarrassing to watch.
I absolutely love Diptyque Tam Dao -- its very woody, musky, and manly, and aside from friends I've recommend wear it, I've known another man to wear it. It's really a steal as well (I think its like £70 a bottle -- dunno in US). Unlike the fashion label scents which generally mix synthetic and natural ingredients, all of the ingredients are naturally sourced so it smells very organic. I also wear Sartorial by Penhaligons (another great value), Green Vetiver by Creed (i...
There are some befores on the next page -- my baaad leatherking! This guy used it for some old bespoke shoes (no before pics, but the afters are amazing). Shoe leather is fairly durable so I can't see how leatherique could be bad -- perhaps on ultra-fine calf it may soften too much leading to more creasing? I dunno. I've used leatherique products on vintage purses for my girlfriend and they're come out as new. I never understand why companies...
I actually found Thomas when I was looking for cheap sex (and I just happened to have a few suits which needed altering).I am glad he's been replaced by new blood -- Yusef wasn't as good as Thomas.
Twas a piece of shit ending to an OK season.
I see the point, but in a way I want to look stylish if my wife is going to be wearing something amazing (and not like a tranny). Its a tough one.
EXACTLY DUDE-- MASSIVELY IMPORTANT TO THE STYLEFORUM COMMUNITY AT LARGE.Ok maybe I was being a jerk about the pumps. I don't have any problem wearing them, but I think they're a bit old (and I dress like a fairly old man).
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