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Those shoes don't fit you. Do you have any other pairs from that brand? I'd look for brands that work for your wonky feet!
Yah it doesn't sound like the other posters are familiar with that adage.Thanks for the Keng Wang link -- some of those look great.To the other poster -- unfortunately, I'm in Vancouver, Canada and popping into a Macy's would require a major flight. The best I can hope for is Holt Renfrew or Harry Rosen -- both of which are very expensive and have a mediocre selection.
Well, that is true, but I don't know exactly what everyone is wearing so it would be difficult to just purchase 5 random ties and hope they match, and only 1/5 actually share my taste so I wouldnt trust that my friends don't go buy dumb shit and look ridiculous in pics (i.e., super skinny or themed ties)
Hey guys, I'm getting married in 17 days and haven't yet bought ties for the groomsmen. I requested they all wear dark suits so am expecting some black, some charcoal, some navy and need a tie which would suit all of them. I ordered some 'wedding' ties from Holt Renfrew in Vancouver, but they were really boring and expensive considering they wouldn't ever be worn again (around 150$ CAD plus tax). I tried a Bluefly and a few other online tie places but they problem is...
I hate the HR salesperson species as a rule.
I believe it is the precursor to Purple Label. I have an old Sartorial blazer which I've subsequently seen re-branded a PL, and have seen PL quality suits with the sartorial markings.
Funny post!I am pretty anal about things like shoe trees, and try to get lasted whenever possible. That said, I am not sure there is any additional benefit at all because the main point is to smooth out wrinkles and keep the soles flat, and non-lasted trees seem to do the exact same thing. I found myself getting a bit OCD about dumb shoe shit after I started reading online a few years back. My Dad has a closet filled with a lifetime of nice shoes and he uses old plastic...
Agree - Timezone. It might be a small problem if you don't have any feedback there so try to use a work email address or be really transparent about where you're from, who you are, etc. I bought from a dude with almost no feedback, but he happened to send me an email from his .EDU address (he is a professor at UCLA) which I then researched, etc., so bought with confidence.
That guy is embarrassing to watch.
I absolutely love Diptyque Tam Dao -- its very woody, musky, and manly, and aside from friends I've recommend wear it, I've known another man to wear it. It's really a steal as well (I think its like £70 a bottle -- dunno in US). Unlike the fashion label scents which generally mix synthetic and natural ingredients, all of the ingredients are naturally sourced so it smells very organic. I also wear Sartorial by Penhaligons (another great value), Green Vetiver by Creed (i...
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