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Also go check out Lamb's Conduit Street. It's a very nice street to hang out with loads of independent shops, pubs, etc. There is an awesome designy kind of shop called Darkroom, and there are a few mid-range mens shops and tailors. I like Connock & Lockie a lot, which touts itself as an American tailor, whatever that means.
If you happen to find yourself near Kensington High Street I'd go check out Hornets (they have 3 shops all within 5 minutes of each other). They sell all sorts of vintage bespoke suits, overcoats, and strange accessories. It's run by some very eccentric guys and could be worthwhile if you want to wear someone else's old bespoke suit. Its a quintessentially British place.
Just polish them as usual. The suede will get gummed up w/polish but whatever bro, this is America.
Without spacing and paragraphs I think it's a bit impossible to read any of the posts in this thread.
Poulsen Skone shoes aren't made by Edward Green, otherwise they'd be quite a bit more expensive. I bought a few pairs last year from New & Lingwood, and according to the salesman, they were made by Alfred Sargent and Grenson.
I like Carolina Herrera Polos; they have contrasting embroidered branding (small on chest), and use the same thread for the buttons -- looks GOOD
I don't doubt this is a scam, but how likely is it that so many people registered simply to complain about Vancouver Custom Tailors? We get it, they're scumbags; don't discredit yourself by spamming the site.
Says the guy that quoted himself....
I'm am shocked no clerk wanted your best.
Untrue -- if leaving, you can reclaim VAT on anything you've purchased in the final 3 months of residence.I've had mega-problems with VAT issues -- you're going to need to call VAT/Duties a few times to get a straight answer as about 75% of the people there don't have a fucking clue in the world on how everything works.PM me and I'll send you an email address of someone who dealt with my claim directly. Hopefully they can help.
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