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I'm not necessarily complaining -- but feel bad nevertheless.
I go away a fair bit already, and she wants to get something I can have forever! She is sentimental and wants me to remember for ages! I'd prefer a moped.
As per the title, my girlfriend is being impossible and insisting on buying me something sick. Yes, this is not a major problem, but I feel guilty so I want her to spend her £££ wisely. I wanted a Swaine Adeney Brigg bag, but am really not that keen on any of the shapes, and saw a similar one at Dunhill at a higher cost and at a slightly higher quality level. That said, I am not 100% sure I want my super-memorable 30th bday present to be a work bag. So ..... what would...
What brand belts are those? Especially the first ones?
So I finally purchased some Saphir Medaille D'Or in Amsterdam, and decided to do a side-by-side comparison between that and a few others I had laying around in my polishing drawer (that sounds bleak). I've read a lot about Saphir being light-years ahead of the competition, and have wanted to buy some for almost a year. I should have ordered it ages ago, but I think part of the allure is the its unavailability and mystique -- as pathetic as this sounds I sort of wanted...
Disagree! I have tons of their casual dress shirts and polo shirts. I buy them at the Carolina Herrera store in London, and think they're terrific. They're way above Polo Blue Label quality, fabric wise, and lots of them have some pretty considerate detailing that I seldom find on shirts at this price (esp. considering I usually buy them on sale at like 60% off). I get so many compliments on them, far more than most of my other casual shirts -- granted most people...
Heyo! I'm just polishing my bro-in-law's Church's, and noticed that the welt on the inside left shoe is warped (instead of remaining straight and flat it is a bit wavy and curves up) as is the sole. Is this because (a) he wears them in the rain, (b) has a wonky step, (c) wears them too often, or (d) a manufacturing defect? I've never owned Church's and never seen this with any of my C&Js or Lobbs -- but I take really good care of my shoes so perhaps I'd never...
Thanks so very much!
Any ideas? I'm there for a few days on business and am hoping to finally find some Saphir products. Thanks in advance --
He would defintely find Churchs, C&J, Lobbs, etc., to be way too heavy.
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