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If it means anything, re: their business acumen generally, Swaine Adeney Brigg is now located in a small store in Piccadilly Arcade having moved from a 2 story flagship on St. James St. Was in there yesterday after my haircut in the arcade and the employees were knobs, and their website sucks a nut . I'd buy at Cleverly or Dunhill over SAB any day.
Thanks bro. I'll check out that store.
You guys are missing out on all the pleasure you'll derive from me getting suggestions for a jacket I likely won't buy!!!
Looking for a down jacket for winter. Needn't be overly warm (I live in London England) but enough to stand probably - 3 Celsius (27 Fahrenheit?). I was looking at Canada Goose, Moncler, etc but perhaps something a bit more fashion forward would be better? I did many searches but perhaps new thread for the new impending winter would be super fun! Thanks styleforum.net bros
oh eat shit.
And you know by his whiskey that you're buying a very classy pair of shoes.
inside the door. Not particularly interested in finding out tho...
What's this about? I'm at business school in the UK, Came across this in the disabled washroom.
Not all of it, tho. Some JLP creme is made in the UK and doesn't smell anything like the Saphir equivalent. I also thing some JLP is Saphir standard, and some Medaille d'Or (i.e., colours of creme that aren't sold in the M D'or line generally).
Have you tried washing the shoes with saddle soap or leather cleaner? Acetone will remove the finish, and with it the liquid polish, and will not ruin the shoes, in my experience. That said, you'll want to redye them once you've removed the finish. I've had success using rubbing alcohol (highest percentage), peroxide, and mineral spirits for jobs where I didn't want to completely lose the finish -- though I don't remember which worked the best. Follow with cream and...
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