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Not always done in N'ampton. Sometimes at Koko's in Finchley. Service @ Koko's good, not as good as factory in my limited experience.
Quick Cobbler on 2nd redoes goodyear welted and uses J Rendenbach soles -- I wasn't aware these could be done locally. They replace the cork footbed, etc. and quoted 129 plus tax notwithstanding additional fees for other services.
Hmm interesting. Do you know if they replace worn cork beds etc? Thanks
Looking for a good service like B Nelson in Canada to resole a pair of Crockett & Jones. The soles are mega worn out and they definitely need a new cork footbed, possibly a new welt. Is there anyone in Vancouver or Canada generally capable? I'd send to B Nelson but shipping speed and customs pain in the ass makes me not want to even try..... Thanks BT[
Those mega-spread Udeshi collars are ridonkulous.
I'm selling a pair of unworn John Lobb Lazenby's in 8UK 9US. Never worn them, I think they were a Holt Renfrew special edition and are seriously nice. The color is listed as oxblood, though aren't overly bright, and are business suit ready! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-New-and-Unworn-John-Lobb-Prestige-Lazenby-UK8E-US9D-MSRP-1650-USD-/321415081635?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item4ad5d4eea3
He's not right on Gloucester Road. Just a few shops in on Victoria Grove (left off Gloucester Road if you're heading north to the park). Chelsea Green also stocks Fiebings dyes, collolin cremes, woly and a generally poor attitude.
Great suggestions! It's impressive how you thought up those disparate and frankly, very funny items, and just wrote them right down in this thread.
As per the topic, my barber (in Piccadilly Arcade) has been trying to expand his business and has been continually thwarted by his landlord (mainly because he ignored his lease stipulations) so wants to move his barbering to the lower-ground and start selling high-end gents accessories. Being in St. James/Jermyn most mens requisites are already sold locally so what kind of thing do you think would sell well? I feel like he should sell obscure stuff as sold by the Armoury...
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