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Have my eyes been deceived or am I seeing for the first time in the two months I've been peeking in here an actual starched shirt. Ye Gods, I think I am!. I love the starch; love ir, love it, love it. Mighty fine, C'Player. Pls don't say it ain't so.
I understand the process, but not the name. Doesn't seem to jive with the usual meaning or intent of a spoiler. So some kind gent is about to 'splain that to me. First one in gets a case of Old Milwaukee donated to a charity of their choice.
Shame. You're from Scandinavia? Those shoes were a big thing here in the 30s, still are among the smoothest, especially in summer. They're called Spectators, but not sure why.They speak to the gamblin' man, the true dude and the man who'll plant them on your face should you look twice at his moll.
More on Donn's pants. Adressed to Clags. You're not from New England, are you? That sort of pant, along with Nantucket Reds, Vineyards Lime and other solid colors that suggest washed by salt spay (seaweed in Don 's case) are popular summer wear here, de riguer in some circles And often with a navy blazer.
I have dial-up. (I know and I probably drive an Olds Cutlass, right? No, not really, so why did I bring that up?) Anyhow, pix are a slow load, so Clags commens rolled out before Don's pix. And by "fun pants" I was expecting either assless leather or...well I'm stuck on assless leather. But guess what? Herr Don's pants come creeping on to my computer (a Commodore Vic by the way) and they're really swell. They're not assless at all. Great color too. Don, the specs on your...
[And here Cox posts the jacket which you can view above]That too is pretty damn nice, posted with care in the same construct as the Betel snap. Seems odd tho that the Betel version wouldn't work as well on you, but you say it doesn't/wouldn't so maybe it's just how you feel in it. Or about it. I can get that. The shirt and tie appear to interlock well with the jacket, a giant g'plaid it seems. Disclosure: I hold my thumb up to the monitor and cover the pocket squares on...
"That special place you take your lover to, to do things lovers do (especially if said lover is not your spouse." A little more literal than I originally had in mind, but on point. Thnx for that,
How cum nobody's commented on this yet, this is like spectacular, like a young Spectre. ( I could see you sitting in his love den wearing that.) Really fine, Betelgeuse.
Nice duds. You've got that John Beresford Tipton thing going on. Er, where are you sitting, is that like a love den?
Well see, there's your mistake right there. Manton and Foo are to clothing what Limbaugh is to politics. All talk. They're not tailors nor are they designers. They have no secret inside info. They just talk about stuff. And you are free to buy into it, as you have, but don't tell me...Nah. Ain't buying it. You or them.
New Posts  All Forums: