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If George 6 were alive today I think that would mean he was in really, really good health. Nice outfit, Andy. Despite the over the top stuff from Tibor.
You have a mannequin in your house? Or was your dad just really, really pale?
Check his pulse, Koala. If it's still thumping, wear more red.
You're one of the best picture posters here. Glad you've come back. The sack you're converting, did you do that with an iron, or simply by buttoning the top button? The idea might work (I like a high buttoning coat) if the collar on yours wasn't so damn big. It's cotton, right? If you've not much money in it, you might consider having the collar and lapels narrowed. If you make soap marks where you want the new collar and lapel to end, a low level tailor/alterationist...
Won't work. You can't lengthen jackets. Even tho there's an inch or more fabric turned under, there's close to none at the cut-away, less than 3/8ths. (YRR92, Bill is addressing jcmeyer, not DonCologne. I think.)
Your question is murky.Are you talking about inseams and outseams? If so, say so. Yes they should line up, if you're talking about when each leg is laid flat on an ironing board should the out seam be precisely on top of the inseam and vice versa. Yes it should. Hemming has nothing to do with this...unless you've also had the leg narrowed or widened, the crease will run straight down the front. Not sure you're using he right terms in asking this. And get an iron, for...
Most of the fits posted here, really swell. Besides it takes balls.The presentation tho, sometimes not so much. Odd too; no balls needed.But there are times they both come together. The below pic may be the best example ever of that. Magazines, internet, tv, you name it. I've got two thumbs so how come I can't give it two thumbs?I noticed your question came right after Justin Kapur's latest pic. Big bucks for an Isia, then the worst picture possible. It's a selfie...
The objection?While you're at it, your take on pin stripes, is it just the width of the stripe that makes it a pin and do you take into account how far apart they are? Some feel that how a pocket is attached affects formality. Meh. Pocket's a pocket. This suit of Kapur's looks good to me. And I don't generally like his stuff, or rather the view of it: harsh lighting and all from a perspective that no other human being would ever see it, especially the shot that looks down...
No. Don't resew anything.The thread that attaches the brace button to the waist band is what holds the pants up. Usually a special, super strong thread involving many passes and anchored completely through the waist band, just as belt loop, serving the same function, is sewn completely thru the waistband. It's not unsightly, it's purposeful.
Have my eyes been deceived or am I seeing for the first time in the two months I've been peeking in here an actual starched shirt. Ye Gods, I think I am!. I love the starch; love ir, love it, love it. Mighty fine, C'Player. Pls don't say it ain't so.
New Posts  All Forums: