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So you took took the "....sprinkled with arrogance" thing to heart I see.
That whole arrangement is so smooth. You have done very well with that. Can think of nothing amiss. Nada. (Do you apply anything to the rear inner cuffs to stop the run-off from those swell shoes messing up the Mr. Clean pants?)
That would be a mighty long trip just to see a navy suit, white shirt and navy tie. How about if I just pretend I'm in Italy, would that do, with a little arrogance sprinkled in?
Topped with maybe a train conductor's cap?
Likewise. So I dabbed on a little John Deer D'Homme. Or maybe it was White Diamonds? (Liz, get outta my head!) Actually I'm posting here just to say it's good to see JLC still around.
No. But that's because I have my welder guy solder in copper crotch plates on the original pair.
Quote: Originally Posted by J. Cogburn And for what it's worth, every time I see someone in my office wearing a merlot-colored shirt of some such, I think "no promotion - ever." And I am right. There are probably10,000 or more niche forums on the net talking about everything from boats to bird seed. And on every one there's probably someone like you; the guy who's got it all figured out, thinks he's writing a column for Vanity Fair, speaks in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Redwoood very cool. but what kind of job 'requires one to wear bespoke suits' ? Quote: Originally Posted by PaoloM It'll be announced in 3 weeks. So you've got just three weeks to have all those bespoke suits made that your to-be-announced job requires?
No job requires bespoke suits. He just wants to show how American Psycho he is by tearing up his wool, cashmere & mink Hickey.
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