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Hi everyone, I am currently living in downtown Toronto and I really like Samuelsohn suits! I am wondering what is the most cost effective way to acquire them? Harry and the Bay both carry some lines of Samuelsohn, and the cheapest is around $1000. I was wondering, if I go to Montreal, where the suits are made, would I actually be able to buy them at a cheaper price? Are there other places in Toronto that carry Samuelsohn at a cheaper price? I am only going to be...
Hi everyone, I was interested in allen edmonds and tried on many of their shoes, and find that they all have 1 problem for me, and that is the width of the widest part of my foot. Everything else fits fine, but at the widest point, it always feel tight. This is 11D btw, I tried on wider shoes, while they help, it made everywhere else very loose. I was at another place that sells CJ, and they said I have high arches. I wear numerous pairs of CJ and Grenson, and they all...
My search indicates that Crockett and Jones Chelsea is pretty decent
I'm looking for a pair of calf leather laceless short ankle boots, similar to that of what Sean Connery wore in Thunderball as James Bond I couldn't find any. Most chelsea boots are too high Thanks!
Seems like J.Crew is getting a lot of sales, when I checked their website (cuz I live in Canada....I cant go there in person). I need to wait till like May 5th before they can get the suit, seems like a long time to wait!
Does anyone have any experience with J.Crew's summer suits? I normally fit in a 40L, but was wondering if I should get 42L since J Crew suits look narrower/slimmer than usual? I could always get it tailored. Thanks,
I'm suddenly interested in single breasted suits with a relatively wide peak lapel, but am having a lot of trouble locating such a suit for ~$1000. I've tried STP, Ebay, etc, but don't seem to have any luck. I'd appreciate any help
Me want shoot me a pm if you got! much love, M
Java and C++ are pretty useful imo.
Quote: Originally Posted by mehhhh I wonder why I'm not motivated. I just get distracted and bored of everything so easily. I'm the kind of guy who is always bouncing from one thing to the next and never really finishing anything up. I have a whole mountain of unfinished projects laying around taking up space. I can get super motivated to start a project but I'm not a good finisher. I always seem to get stuck somewhere in the middle and move on to...
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