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thanks, will stop bumping my thread. cheers
Hey Guys, I have a pair of barley worn Lambertson Truex Men's CapToe shoes. They were only worn a small handful of times (2-3 times). Even the stamping on the inside is still in perfect condition. Below are the details and pics. -$175 Shipped -Black Leather -Size US 8 -ALWAYS have shoe trees in them, except for the pics of course -ALWAYS shoe horned -NO shoe bag, sorry. -In SoCal -Paypal only! Sorry for the pics, hard to get lighting on black leather. ...
any news on the bag
any news on the duffel?
^^ nice running into you yesterday! looks like i will have to put my suit order in sooner then expected. btw, ended up at Paul Smith, a lot of stuff was marked down 50% and got a great deal
crossing fingers for the bag release tomorow online
Quote: Originally Posted by mulansauce Take them to your cobbler and have them modified to fit like BoO. Or just return them and buy shoes that fit properly. I have tried cramming insoles and heel pads and other odd contraptions into my shoes to make them fit, and it never works out well. And for future reference: This is a dumb thread. it sure is. thanks anyhow
Hey Guys, I bought some dress shoes, Lambertson Truex's, and I swear they fit perfectly in the store. Maybe I was bloated that day, who knows. Either way, is there anything I can do to get them a bit more snug around my foot? They are not loose at all, just not snug. Thanks! J
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