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Price drop to 450 shipped
Brand new Yuketen 5 Hole Maine Guide in Loden, size 12 US. Price is now below retail of 495, 450.
FS: Brand new, Moncler V Borosiri Jacket in Navy, size 3. Feel free to make offers over PM.
If anyone is interested, I have a brand new 5 Eye Maine Guide in Loden, size 12 for sale retail paid. PM, thanks.
OiPolloi has measurements:
Does anyone know who will be stocking the new Type1 pant in olive and gray wool? Many thanks!
Is this seriously your response to Drink's post!? Check yourself...Drink sorry to hear that news, take care and be strong.
If anyone is looking for a polka dot workshirt in medium, PM me.
Selling a new W+H Award Varsity jacket from last winter if anyone is interested. Brown/Navy, size Large:
Quote: Originally Posted by JOA Last time I talked to Gary, he had 1 Medium left. Medium is gone, already tried to grab it! Ended up picking up one from Inventory last week, says they have M on their site still.
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