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These pics are great. Thanks for sharing.
Reminds me of this, by Ragnheiður Ösps Sigurðardóttir :
Anyone here knowledgeable about Navajo(?) weaving? My in-laws gave us these. All they know about them is that they were purchased in New Mexico before 1968. They're approximately 60"x30".
I bought a new sub a year and a half ago from a local AD. I told him I preferred to buy local but was considering buying out of state and having it shipped to save the sales tax. They offered to meet me halfway by giving me a single digit discount, but it involved a lot of "let me talk to my manager."
New (to us) small patio table and chairs. Anyone recognize the design?: Some context:
Colors and patterns here are great.
Starting early.
Palacek petrified wood side table. Thoughts?
Apparently there was a precedent for such a test based on a similar one conducted on the oyster case in a 1960 deep dive. Nice video of Cameron discussing the experimental watch:
If we want to be precise: Cameron wore the regular DSSD inside the submersible. The Deepsea Challenge was strapped to the outside of it.
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