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Greg is right about my specifications. I'm ordering the suit to wear as a groomsman in a close friend's wedding, and I need it to fit certain narrow parameters to "match" the other groomsmen. I also intend for it to become my second option (the other being dark navy) when I need to wear a somewhat dressier suit--not something I'll use all that often, but will be good to have nonetheless. I think this basic twill should work nicely. I posted about it here primarily to...
Minnis Classic II 0756 on its way to Formosa for a MTO/MTM suit. Thanks to Greg for his guidance in settling on the right cloth.
This thread shows promise .
While this is certainly true regarding his skill and reputation, I don't think Chris takes on alterations, except perhaps as a favor to bespoke clients. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
I have an '07. Very fun car. Drives like a fast go-cart.
Lots of small reasons, all of which boil down to changing tastes/needs. However, I would have kept the older stuff and continued to wear most of it (not the navy suit) if it still fit.
Thanks. Several different makers and many different models. A few of those are 8+ yrs old with the newest ones 2-3 yrs old. AFAIK none are still available OTR. PM me if you want the details on a specific one, though what more-or-less fits me might not fit you at all (and vice versa), of course.
Yes, though this is really only noticeable from the low angle of the older pics. If shown from a more direct view like in the first set, they wouldn't be nearly as visible. In fact, except for the seersucker coat, the jackets showing bumps have more padded and less naturally shaped shoulders than those in the first set.Yes, padding and shoulder construction can vary independently of one another, as JeffreyD demonstrates earlier in the thread. To corroborate your example,...
More shoulder lines on things I wore in the past when slightly leaner. None of these would fit anymore, but that has more to do with size than shape, I think. The last one didn't even fit then, in retrospect. I cringe when I see how short/tight it looks.
New Posts  All Forums: