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All of these spoilered items are my consignments. Ask Spoo for measurements, but I'm happy to answer any other questions by PM. I've also included two "fit" pics I managed to find of the Isaia sport-coat. [[SPOILER]]
More for those interested; spoilered to minimize slight derail: [[SPOILER]]
I think hand-rolled vs machine matters less than the general style of rolling one prefers (loose/tight; decorative/mostly-hidden stitching; puckered/smooth, etc.). E.g., here are hand-rolled and stitched edges on two untipped ties that look really distinct to me. Brown is Borrelli; navy is Hober.
I own three TAG watches. The first was a Kirium chronograph, a gift as a teenager. The second was a Monza, a Christmas gift during college. The third, a gift from my wife, was a Formula 1. I never really liked or disliked the brand particularly, but they've all held up very well. I still wear the Monza occasionally (mostly because of it's black croc strap and cushion case shape), the other two much less, but I don't really get the anti-TAG snobbery. That said, my...
Sorry to hear of your real estate issue. I'm buying a new place on Thu. and still trying to sell the current one. The stress is no bueno. Hope you find something even better.
Right. Couldn't be the first thing.
I bought my wife one from this place. Web design is from the Jurassic era, but they were prompt with communication and the price seemed fair. No idea on blue dial.http://capetownstore.com/consignment_watches.html
Beautiful on the whole, but a fuller and/or more carefully fitted sleeve that got rid of the slight bunching would add something more. *I know this can be exceptionally difficult to achieve with lighter weight fabrics, and that arm posture during the photo can throw things off.
Probably so. For good or ill, depending on your perspective, this thread has definite and narrow parameters as to what's implied by "good taste."
^ All of this is accurate. Cleav looks nice, though I'd suggest tucking the square a little farther down and heightening the front of the shirt's collar a bit on future orders.
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