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Choosing between 3 pre-owned subs; price differences are negligible in terms of my decision, and all are in mint or near-mint condition: 1995 T serial 16610 w original box and certificate of authenticity 2002/2003 16610T (no holes case) w original box and papers 1987 R serial 168000 (rare transitional model) w original box, books, hangtag and papers Thoughts?
We just started with them last month. In the past we've used Chubb or have put it on our homeowner's depending on circumstances. We changed homeowners recently, and with the change it made much more sense (both in terms of premiums and coverage) to go back to a separate jewelry policy. My watch collection is not much to speak of, but my wife's jewery, on the other hand, leaves us with a lot more significant exposure. Our appraiser recommended Jeweler's Mutual over...
Charcoal and green is fine. In the example above, however, I find it less than ideal because the saturation of the two colors is too close and leaves too little contrast. The effect is that the sport coat begins to look like a possible orphaned suit jacket in a way it wouldn't with less saturated trousers. See Matt's pic for a counter-example.
Agreed. To a lesser extent, I try to avoid very light tan straps with very dark brown shoes and belt.However, I also think perfect matching of any of the three items is to be avoided unless they are all black.
If the iron shaping is what's primarily responsible for this effect, I wonder if a reasonably well fitting pair of RTW pants could be similarly transformed by a capable ironer/presser? I realize the kind of ironing/pressing we're talking about is a special skill. Chris noted that he's never found a dry cleaner capable of it. I guess part of the question I'm asking is whether the cut one begins with is a crucial part of the formula to get the right end product (thus...
When uploading from my camera last week I found this pic I took a few months back during the warmer months. Not WIAWT, but thought it might be worth posting anyways.
Thanks for commenting, Chris. This is helpful analysis.*Have to admit, though--at a certain point I got lost and began to read what's below to the tune of "the ankle bone's connected to the . . . leg bone; the leg bone's connected to the . . ."
Is it even noticeable in pictures, or something the wearer feels but which doesn't translate well visually? Frankly, I've thought almost every pic of Ambrosi pants I've seen looked pretty damn good, though the same could be said for several others' pants too. I'd be unlikely to use him myself simply because of the sour past experiences so many have reported on the forums, but add to that his own ridiculous posts attacking Foo and I'm even less inclined to consider it. ...
Pics seem to show two nice pairs of pants, but since fit is what seems to set Ambrosi apart for you, it would be interesting to see a fit comparison form you, Cantabrigian, Manton, or anyone else who's worn both.
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