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New (to us) small patio table and chairs. Anyone recognize the design?: Some context:
Colors and patterns here are great.
Starting early.
Palacek petrified wood side table. Thoughts?
Apparently there was a precedent for such a test based on a similar one conducted on the oyster case in a 1960 deep dive. http://m.rolex.com/world-of-rolex/exploration-underwater/rolex-deepsea-challenge.html Nice video of Cameron discussing the experimental watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lODoogibsJU
If we want to be precise: Cameron wore the regular DSSD inside the submersible. The Deepsea Challenge was strapped to the outside of it. http://www.forbes.com/sites/arieladams/2014/08/05/james-cameron-gets-a-special-rolex-deepsea-watch-made-in-honor-of-him-and-his-new-film/
All of these spoilered items are my consignments. Ask Spoo for measurements, but I'm happy to answer any other questions by PM. I've also included two "fit" pics I managed to find of the Isaia sport-coat. [[SPOILER]]
More for those interested; spoilered to minimize slight derail: [[SPOILER]]
I think hand-rolled vs machine matters less than the general style of rolling one prefers (loose/tight; decorative/mostly-hidden stitching; puckered/smooth, etc.). E.g., here are hand-rolled and stitched edges on two untipped ties that look really distinct to me. Brown is Borrelli; navy is Hober.
I own three TAG watches. The first was a Kirium chronograph, a gift as a teenager. The second was a Monza, a Christmas gift during college. The third, a gift from my wife, was a Formula 1. I never really liked or disliked the brand particularly, but they've all held up very well. I still wear the Monza occasionally (mostly because of it's black croc strap and cushion case shape), the other two much less, but I don't really get the anti-TAG snobbery. That said, my...
New Posts  All Forums: