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Yes it can. Tailoring costs start to add up, but the legs can easily be slimmed and/or tapered. That's actually far less complicated than recutting the top part.
I'm not interested in buying the Sid Mashburn shirt; I just get emails from them because I bought some EG Dovers from them once. I mostly wear pedestrian but very well-fitting MTM shirts made in New Jersey. I thought I was pretty familiar with shirting options, though, and had never heard of this one.
Got an email from Sid Mashburn touting this summer shirting. Anyone have experience with it (cellulare)? http://www.sidmashburn.com/shop/sport-shirts/blue-cellulare-sid-mashburn-spread-collar-sport-shirt.html
I saw this--an italian tag, too, which I've not seen before from PRL. Size is also euro (50) and drop 7. i wonder how the fit is compared to the US market stuff we're familiar with.
Merz B Schwanen ss henley just arrived. It's legit.
Assorted mtm button down collar shirts fresh from the laundry.
I've carried a brown 257 for four years now. I wear suits or sport coats every day to work.
Wouldn't say the spread simply doesn't work, but I totally agree that a bd (ideally ocbd) would be preferable. On the other hand, I think what he has on would be perfect if he just swapped the sport coat for a dark navy blazer, but that would be a different look altogether from the really great sport coat--my favorite individual piece in the pic.
I don't disagree with anything Greg says here--in fact, I think he really nails it--except to say that I think Foo is right about the white-to-blue ratio in this particular narrow striped example, whether a NMWA product or not.
^Tie looks a bit on the dressy side for the sport coat. Like it otherwise.
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