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Favorably on the last score, at least:Bet that jacket's not center vent either.
Owning one of these: You'd think this wouldn't be my habit: In spite of appreciating nice pens and using pens and pencils daily, I almost always forget to carry mine. I'm a little better about my pencils:
If a Niche shirt in L was too small in the chest and armhole, what size would I take in ts(s)? Portuguese flannel?
Congrats in stitches. Beautiful choice. My next watch (no time soon) will be a 15202 or 15300.
+1I posted my puny collection--Tag Heuers and Girard Perregaux included--and lived to tell the tale.Do it.I like this. Not sure I'd go to the trouble on my Sub, but I still think it's kind of cool. Wouldn't feel that way if it weren't so easily reversible, but it is, as you point out.
Add Parmigiani to the list of offenders. This is what my Kalpa Grande looks like (stock photo; mine is stainless):I think there's something to this reasoning, but I also get why some are annoyed by it.
Not banned, unless you mean in certain libraries or school's curricula. In fact, Ferlinghetti (the publisher) actually won the obscenity case in the late 50's when the judge found the poem to be of "redeeming social importance," or something to that effect.
I think part of what foo means to ask is why use Gennaro if you don't like what you see from Rubinacci, given that the two will almost surely share close similarities. Where I think he's wrong in his assumption is the part about so many people on the thread disliking his and iammatt's Rubis. I think they're great and don't sense that I'm alone. Apart from a smallish but very vocal minority, I think most believe the Rubinacci stuff to be quite good, though certainly some...
Heck of a golfer though.
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