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That's great to know, gives me hope! Any idea on how many wears before the leather starts to give?
Gents, I recently picked up a pair of the black patent leather wholecuts based on the Olfe last. I typically wear a 13D in the Allen Edmonds 5 last and although the Olfe was a bit snug around the toes, I found the shoes to be comfortable during a long day. To follow up, I purchased a pair of cap toes in the Hiro last. Unfortunately, the heel area is so tight on one shoe that I developed a major blister on my inner heel within a few minutes of wear; skin actually came off...
I need sizing help gents. My go to shoe is the AE 65 last in a size 13D. What's the Yanko equivalent? I really like their stuff and want to pull the trigger.
Yup. See here:
To my fellow Canadians hoping to get in on any AE sales. I purchased two pairs during the last sale they had for factory seconds. I specifically requested that they ship them USPS instead of DHL or FedEx or UPS. Result, no duties; I just paid roughly 40$ for shipping to Toronto. Good luck.
I checked it out last night, nothing worth writing home about...
The jacket looks great. I need to drop by this place, I'm looking to have some suits made in TO.
So who would you guys recommend instead?
What about the shape of the LL Beans? Anyone have any experience with them?
What's with the love for Clarks? Are they so much better made?
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