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Is the 42L tuxedo still available?
Quote: Originally Posted by acridsheep I'm new to SF, and also in Atlanta. I must first convince myself that this isn't pretty much the gayest thing in the history of mankind if I'm to attend. + 1 bajillion.
Do you have any dimensions on that briefcase?
Could it be a metaphor?
I have 2 pair of Vass on the F-last and I find it to be much more attractive than the Budapest or Peter lasts. This seems rather unwieldy and inelegant.
I've had about a dozen made at Sid Mashburn's store on Howell Mill and have been very happy with the results.
Average sleeve length for a 15.75L please?
I have two pair on the F last and find it a very elegant last.
Definitely OTC. Leg skin is the equivalent of the most unsexy panty lines.
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