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Ordered 3 March / received 5 May. I did send one inquiry which was politely answered and the reason given was that one of the fabrics I'd ordered was being shipped to Luxire from another country. As usual, the result was certainly well worth the wait.
Thanks Clapeyron, yours was the most recent nudge for me to get a pair. Your advice is appreciated, and I'll get them with double pleats :-)
Considering a pair of ghurka waistband khaki trousers. Am I nuts to be thinking flat-front/no pleats? I just wanted a pair of khakis with a difference, not a perfect historically-correct replica, but haven't really seen any examples of this look without pleats.
Thought I'd add a little bit of feedback. Received a couple the Leno/giro inglese/cellulare type shirts today and am very pleased with them. I do own a couple from suit supply,and was about to grab a couple from luxire, but noticed a couple interesting colours on the Kamakura Japanese site. Shrinkage might take them close, because pre-wash the fit is close to perfect, so I may have to move the collar button, but the fabric is excellent and at once substantial and very...
Slept on the giro inglese Havana and it sold out :-(
I quite like the "modern Crew neck" from this place. https://www.dstldjeans.com/shop/mens/tees
Have the indigo and steel blue in the linen cotton canvas and theyre not even close to see through. Although maybe I'm the wrong person to ask, being that I think summer trousers should all be unlined... Also,I've put my money where my mouth is by ordering the tan unlined :-)
I have a couple of suit supply giro inglese shirts which I understand to be pretty much the same as cellulare. They're definitely not stretchy. The weave is open with tiny 'pores' which give it a mesh or gauze like effect, but the fabric itself isn't very deformable.
Just don't forget to input the code 😢
Oh wow...didn't see the lilac cellurare on the luxire site
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