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Sorry mate, In cairns for work... Have a great night though...
Magnificently Sig-worthy...
Anyone in the Netherlands willing to forward / proxy 3 jackets for me to Australia?
5'9, 180 pounds, 40" chest, 35", pretty broad shoulders, I was very pleased with the fit of the 42R, although I will say the sleeves are slim, and the armholes high. Still, fit was pretty much spot on for me, with only small issues like sleeves an inch too long, and leg opening needed slimming.
Oh man...this outlet talk is making me happy...please buy millions of items in the Washington cut in size 52...
Wow...I would be all over anything in 52 at those prices
Long shot here, but does anyone have one of the linen shirts? Way too hot for much else here, and just wanting to see if anyone has anything good or bad to say about these.... Thanks
I'm in for Thursday
Have a wedding to attend in a couple of weeks...will throw up some pics then
Got my Washington plain blue suit last week and am extremely pleased. Had considered getting my usual 40R, but having read that the Washington was rather slim, decided to get a 42R. Customer service was outstanding. 42R was not available online, however I was told to simply order in a different size, and forward the request to change to customer service. My suit arrived in 6 days (Australia), and included a large suit-shaped box, with a return sticker inside for UPS...
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