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anyone know where i can get the nikexapc all court online or in nyc?
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira If mine was any example I paid $20 for ground just from Cali to Washington for 10yds and that is quite a bit more than 10yds lol its not like ande is buying them yard per yard. u get a HUGE discount for bulk orders
not all japanese denim has to come from japan.
if i like the measurements + if u had it in black, i would buy. got too much blue denim...
kiya i saw on superfuture that ur gonna have a new flathead collab with lightning and the festival thing? r u gonna sell it online? when is it gonna be up?
a belt and wallet from hollows. should i or no? maybe go with lgc instead?
is the lx3 good with capturing colors?
great! r the ones who ordered this time regs or mainly lurkers? hopefully y'all'll put up some pictures
ive always wanted a peacoat but my attire dont really fit the wool look. i feel its too formal. has there ever been a peacoat made of denim or something more casual?
where to get the new apcxnikes other than is it available stateside yet?
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