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shirt length looks perfect...great pictures. thanks zissou!
bill aint with stronghold no more
thats real odd. ive ordered maybe 6 times from him now and its always gotten to me in less than 5 days once completed...
nathan's got the best bang for the buck. ive ordered several from him and im planning to get at least 3 more.
mlyngard u know theres an edit button?
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD I liked the latest episode. Thrilled to see Becka acting like a human being again. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by oneeightyseven His defense is ridiculous and hte way he can roll his shoulder, duck and make people miss is crazy. serious. the way mayweather makes other people look like idiots is amazing.
pac cant handle floyd. pacs a fighter, moneys a boxer. money's too slick for the pacman and moneys gonna make pacs head move back and forth like a bobblehead with those percision jabs he got
Quote: Originally Posted by mfais anyone know where i can get the nikexapc all court online or in nyc? anyone?
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