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does this look/feel similar to bull twill?
is the thigh and hem to shrink a lot? how much?
Previous Small Questions Thread (up to Feb. 3, 2010) can be found here: ------------------------------- i need a beater shoe and will buy some converse. currently choosing between high top chucks and purcells. leaning towards the purcell but heard somewhere that the hightop chuck makes for better draping of trousers. any truth to this? thats pretty much the only reason i'm considering the chucks.
this is 1.95/button shipped? or + shipping? i have a friend who lives in indonesia who wants some
Quote: Originally Posted by DLester no problem, now all you need is for the "ucci" to fall off and you will have wearable glasses. lol
how much u looking to spend?
apparently its fully canvassed stuff, hand made...anyone have any experience?
i <3 cords. got a pair coming from nathan soon!! cant wait
i got some (6 or so) mtm shirts from nathan - work shirts, oxfords, short sleeve stuff and i got a coverall coming soon for work. + construction - made by hand, single needle stitching, made by 1 person, super sturdy buttons + communication - replies quick, easy to talk to + cost - for its construction, i believe that its one of the best bang for buck mtm out there. the oxfords i got were the same price with a gitman oxford from context ($150) and considering that it's...
Quote: Originally Posted by apolune Changed the buttons from white to navy. I wear my shirts tucked, and these pics are typically how I dress for work. SHARP
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