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hey sorry for the late update but here's what he uses: he says the black one is what he irons on and the white is the hair cloth...
so chambray is the fabric but linen is the material? how does it differ from cotton chambray? lighter? will that make the shirt drape differently?
is linen = chambray? im pretty sure its not but looking at the boo s/s '10 (http://blog.rodengray.com/?p=3672) they have a linen shirt that they call linen chambray but its 100% linen.
Quote: Originally Posted by mensimageconsultant Linen, yes. Madras shirts, if you like. Suede footwear. Silk-weight underwear. i was really considering linen, but didn't know how to work them into the wardrobe and what style (all im ordering are mtm). got any pics of good irish linen shirts i can wear with those trousers/jeans? or should i also get a pair of shorts made? if shorts, what fabric/color? pics would greatly help!
where to buy those mid cut allstars?
moving to brazil soon and i hear its hot as fuck over there. im planning to get the ff made: khaki colored twill trousers army green colored twill trousers s/s blood red oxford cloth with back pleat button down shirt (with button down collar and at the rear) l/s lavender oxford cloth with back pleat button down shirt l/s royal blue gingham shirt (with button down collar and at the rear) s/s emerald green gingham shirt (with button down collar and at the rear) s/s blue...
yes, i meant interlining. shit, i dunno how to tell now. i'll just get one made and post pics while they're getting done. or if i posted a picture of the interlining, could you guys tell me if it would be used for fusing or canvassing?
is this fabric a gingham and plaid stuck or sewn together or is it just 1 piece of fabric where they printed 2 prints on both sides of 1 cloth? wanna figure out if it'll be too hot too wear during the summer...
ok so im really starting to think that he isn't doing canvassed suits. he says the lining he uses is black...
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos He is blowing smoke up your ass. Bubbling - if he is referring to the bubbling that you get with fusing - should not be an issue anyway with a 'fully canvassed' suit. ...unless, of course, it has fusing in it. so the suit's most likely fused, and he's just talking about preventive measures of bubbling? because he said it won't bubble IF he irons it properly.
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