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apparently they've told the others to wear black and since im the only one who doesnt want to wear black, itll be cheaper if i change rather than have 6 other dudes change. so.... black????
I just learned that the suit needs to be black. do these suggestions still apply?
i have to go to a wedding and they are coordinating the shirt color to the bridesmaid's and I'm partnered to someone wearing a mustard dress. what color necktie do i wear??
Anyone? And how to solve it?
ive always been curious: how do i avoid a collar gap on a suit's collar?
thanks but i was looking for something which would provide actual patterns.
im on a sabbatical and would like to learn how to make neckties. is there a sf approved book on how to make 6/7 folds?
Wow. I wonder how much it takes to get them to produce a line...
if you had a tailor who showed up constantly in tennis shoes, shorts and a tee (still properly fitted) would you still trust them with making your clothes? or does what the tailor wears matters?
just asking again... i got a shirt mtm locally and its a slim fitting shirt. the elbow area is a bit tight when i try to touch my chin, how do i resolve this? do i tell the tailor to widen the elbow or is it the back?
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