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no tips on how to choose the right one other than wearing and trying them out?
ive stopped writing freelance and i was hired to be an understudy of the editor of a major magazine. i was told i have to wear a coat and tie, but i don't think i should be wearing power suits. what should i wear and how do i pull it off? any suggestions?
I have been wanting to get a casual hat. Maybe a straw pork pie, a driver cap...even a newsboy. Any tips on picking a shape or style for different shaped heads? Smaller brims for smaller features/narrower bodies, any kind of rules of thumb about that?
no on the tailors??
any answer to the questino about hand attached collar and gussets?
hi all ill be going to the philippines on a business trip in july and ill be there for a month. any reputable tailors? please pm me.
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday Some guys swear by hand-attached collars and such. But hand-stitching can also serve a decorative element, if that's your cuppa and if you have access to a shirtmaker who does such things. And yes, side gussets. sorry, please bear with me. hand stitching? as in not using a sewing machine? and what's the actual use of side gussets? are there any yokes that help with the fit of a shirt?
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday High-quality cloth, good-quality stitching, non-plastic buttons, proper fit. Those are the essentials, in my book. If you care about it: Pattern matching Hand stitching Gussets sorry, correct me if i'm wrong. hand stitching as in no sewing machine? and what are gussets? same as side gussets? Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba Dont bother with the hand sew button...
im thinking of getting a bespoke shirt, and want to know what details i should really look for. looking around these forums, a couple of notables are: removable collar stays hand sewn buttonholes split yokes i know those arent the only ones, but i dont know what else.... so what else am i missing?
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