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Well I bike and my thighs are pretty large, so I need to know if it'll fit me and to know if it'll fit me, I need to know measurements. Unheard of?
Thanks. What other last is it close to, shape wise?
Anyone know what last the Uetam loafer is in?
What are the measurements for the jeans?
Interested in the Carmina Whitman loafer; how does the last compare with Alden's Van last?
Can someone please compare the Xim last to Alden's Van last? Pictures would be great
i used to have these oliver peoples: but they broke and im looking for new ones. i love the shape of it but grew tired of the color. anyone have any suggestions for similar ones?
so is the pic goodyear or hand? lol
the reason i ask is because i was told that this is a handsewn goodyear welt construction but ive read here that that's an oxymoron as goodyear welt uses machines to sew on the sole and handsewing shoes shouldnt.
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