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Quote: Originally Posted by furo One question: I notice tremendous "fuzzies" left on my dress shirt ... everywhere. I didn't have that problem with my other cashmere sweater, which is not a cable knit, and, of course, is no RLPL. Is this common? Will it go away, or am I going to have to suck it up and grind the lint brush every week? Thats NOT supposed to happen with a quality cashmere item. maybe some wovens (scarves) you might get...
Quote: Originally Posted by binge pocketsquareguy: bewbs I think the question is about "hands on" experts.
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 Wore these to work in the last couple of weeks: I work in finance, which tends to be a fairly conservative profession, and nary an eyebrow was raised.. Only cuz they were mesmerized by your pants
There are currently 64,022 members of which I would be willing to bet that somewhere in the area of 60K think they are fashion experts.
Quote: Originally Posted by porcelain monkey Solid knit tie in dark color. If this gift goes well, perhaps you can influence him in other areas and maybe even, gasp, suggest he lurk here for a while. Yah! So he can see how much time you spend here when you should be working and maybe get you fired.
I think that many here have no taste and posts like this simply bolster that thought. The getup is hurrendous and the followup "Perfect" by the blind newbies underscores how clueless people are. Of course making fun of por sods like Mt. Spiffy is vogue even though most here are simply a step above (or below) that. Just my .02.
This thread is Classic SF. People having no inhibitions on talking about things they have no idea about! Really, this is a great place to learn alot from but I always get a kick out of how lack of knowledge slows so few people down here. Continue!
Questions like this crack me up. You should have an option of "I think I am stylish but in fact dont know Sh!t about style and dress accordingly". Guaranteed to garnish the bulk of the votes. EDIT: Like this. Both the look and the Gleeful Exclamation of Perfect!
Quote: Originally Posted by tsaltzma There are a few things I use in everyday life, that I could not do without. They have stood the test of time. My collection of Maglite flashlights. My trusty Wenger swiss army knife. My All Clad pots and pans. These items I know I can always rely on. can you really not live without your Swiss Army knife and Maglights on a daily basis? is this you?
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley My post was not about what they should cost. When you can get sportcoats and other outerwear that may or may not have cashmere in it for the same price, it makes me wonder what is so great about the BC sweater, particularly when a number of people show great interest in an IC post. While you can wear outerwear daily, and a sportcoat probably 2-3 times a week, I just find a sweater more limiting. It makes me...
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