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Quote: Originally Posted by zbromer Basically, what Style Forum has collectively accomplished is wrongfullly accusing some woman of selling fakes and completely undercutting her ability to sell these scarves in the future. Well played, guys. so lets understand, If through investigation about an ebay seller a seller of fake zegna ties gets closed down then its a good thing and should have been done. if through investigation of a seller of...
Nice sweaters. but what sweater pron thread would be complete without a mention of the bad sweater guy?
Quote: Originally Posted by MarquisMagic Which SF member would you most like to meet and why? What would be the first thing you would say to him? If ever there was a gay sounding question...
Quote: Originally Posted by Faded501s I'm not sure I necessarily agree with this. I'm not current on the rules for PS's but I like the effect of having similar materials/textures in the tie/ps relationship. Not that I don't think white linen would be perfectly acceptable..but maybe a little too safe (for me). My first thought was that yellow would look good but I think any of these might work: And a little more "conservative"...
Quote: Originally Posted by furo cashmere scarf A cashmere scarf is unique?
Quote: Originally Posted by furo The fit of mine is perfect, I couldn't ask for a better fit. I thought it would be a poor fit at first, but after wearing it for a couple hours, it naturally shaped to my build. Let me guess. It was tight at first but then after half the inside shedded off it started loosening up. Was that it?
Quote: Originally Posted by AThingForCashmere Incredible. Why are you shocked? Its very common for new RLPL sweaters. And just as common for those new sweaters when they arent new anymore!
Quote: Originally Posted by furo Wow Is anyone else noticing this with their RLPL cable knit cashmere sweaters? Fret not my friend. Wear the sweater inside out thereby accomplishing two things. first of all everyone (that is not a RL Sales associate that is) will know that its RLPL. Second of all the shedding will happen on the outside and will not get your shirt messy.
Quote: Originally Posted by PTWilliams ...I find myself frequenting public exposure unlike before.
Quote: Originally Posted by furo Funny you mention that.... I walked into an RL Retail Store today to pick up some spare buttons for a sportcoat I needed. I happened to be wearing the very crewneck cable knit I mentioned in my first post here. So .. I look up on the shelves behind the SA and see a ton of folded up cashmere cable knits. And I say "hey, those look just like the one I have!" And immediately the SA said, "Nope. Not those up there....
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