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Quote: Originally Posted by Marcus Brody I think it's one of those items that is so unlikely to be done well (by both the maker and wearer) that if falls into the "If you have to ask..." category. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by senocs and they said in order to avoid this problem I shouldn't have bought the florin in monogram which is quite well-known for this problem nor should I buy the florin in damier ebene/graphite Gotta love the staff telling you about the well known problem after it was paid for and the problem now presents itself.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tomasso Is it my imagination of is the left side pocket slightly lower than the right pocket? Is that intentional? And I am sure that the RLPL coat is pinned (as usual).
Did questions like "which is faster, to Chicago or by train" stump you as a child?
Quote: Originally Posted by R-H ...I'm sure they have learned their lesson. Isn't this miles long thread and its cousin over on aaac testamony to the unfortunate fact that no matter what, people just dont learn their lesson?
Best is 20-22 seconds in with the "come from behind" finger stuff in the middle of the square. "interesting" video.
Quote: Originally Posted by jcriswel Next, list them in the B&S section... Wait...Did you mean the BS Section?
Quote: Originally Posted by antirabbit COMPLETE AWESOME HORSESHIT. That's not so awesome. Quote: Originally Posted by Jill As implausible as it may sound, that is absolutely true. The CarloFranco website / email had been DOWN for two years until about 4 or 5 months ago, when I got a notice to renew the domain. It was at this time I started receiving emails again. This probably is. The who is record...
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 Odd that don't have a phone number or an email listed to contact them.
Quote: Originally Posted by sanadan The Anderson Little blazer - any concerns about the gold buttons? To me this is a a turn off since where I live I don't see a lot of blue blazers, and the ones I do see, if they have gold buttons, they are inevitably accompanied by someone who appears to be 80 years old. Quote: Originally Posted by DavidinGray Then buy brown horn buttons and sew them on yourself. Or get a tailor to do it...
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