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Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy salmon has been degraded because there is so much bad stuff out there cooked so sloppily. but a well-cooked piece of good salmon is amazing. Yeah. One of the few things my Mother in Law is good for. She makes a great salmon.
I guess I am missing something because I dont get what is funny here. Oh well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jsoftz Wow, it took us a whole 3 posts to making accusations of teh ghey. I'm impressed- I was sure it would be the first response. I am not usually a ghey poster but the very nature of this thread and why it warrants a thread is ridiculous. If I walked into a store and they gave me something for free I wouldnt think that there is a deep mystical meaning to it and I wouldnt waste mine and others time posting...
Its secret gay code. It means he wants you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Doxe +1 This thread delivers! Just to recap for our viewers, the brother is a Nazi, the father is a poof, and the fiance is a gormless tart. All the qualities you look for in royalty!
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley In any event, I think the Prince did excellent for himself. She's pretty hot. yes. They have a history of picking the hot ones. on a different note i wonder how long these marriages are supposed to last.
If you want to get totally different opinions about these combinations just randomly post them over at the WAYWN place and watch the very same people who bashed them here, fawn over them there.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pantisocrat To be honest, I've never heard of this seller (purveyor to underworld bosses?) until now This is what makes this place so rich. Pantistocrat who joined SF in Jan of 2010 (at best, two whole months ago) has never heard of Ian and ShoptheFinest, (or looked above at the affiliate banners for that matter) which now makes Ian a Purveyor to Underworld Bosses. Gotta love it.
Another catastrophe averted thanks in part to style forum. What did people do with issues like this before this place existed?
Quote: Originally Posted by Sleats Quality is exceptional as they ate the only uk fully vertically owned company from raw product to final designed goods. They make mainly under other brand names, ie drakes, Burberry etc etc. Great value, yes, but Exceptional? As compared to?
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