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prurient, I love the outfit! Did you try on the bedford in black with white polka dots? which other bedford did you get?
I got my USN navy whipcord pants from Bloomingdales in New York. Phone-ordered it. And they delivered. I don't think they carry the olive version though, which looks great too from the pictures online. Also, I personally like the ties in the hem a lot. Great to cinch them over a pair of boots for example. I love my pair of FW09 serge wool cinch pants because of those ties. Gary, and those of you who bought the USN pants (in any fabric) from this season, could you...
I just received a pair of EG USN pants (navy whipcord) and notice that there are two "eyes" pre-sewn onto the hems, which I presume are meant for laces to go through, and thereby turning the hems into cinchable hems, just like FW09 EG pants. But the problem is that the pants didn't come with laces. (Or did they?) If they didn't come with laces, where are we supposed to buy laces to use for those eyes? Use shoe laces? I would love to hear insights or advice you guys...
Quote: Originally Posted by daikon It's available at Odin in New York - is this what you're looking for? Or maybe this one at Bureau Belfast? Either way, the Large is available.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ritchee Hi guys - has anyone seen the Classic Shirt in Charcoal plaid flannel? I'm looking for a large. Thanks!! It's available at Odin in New York - is this what you're looking for?
Yeah, as Chip said, it stretches. Definitely don't size up.
Guys, how are the Fatigue Shorts sized? I'm a natural size 29-30 in the waist. Which size should I get? Is this the scale? X-Small = 28 Small = 30 Medium = 32 Large = 34 X-Large = 36 For reference, I got a Workaday Fatigue Pants in size 28 that fit fine - I just couldn't adjust to the second button in the waist. Cheers.
Thanks Freddy, Arizor. I'm getting the Navy linen bedford from Gary as well, but I don't think he carries the Khaki version though. BTW, Arizor, that outfit is great. Perfect color for spring/summer. Cheers.
Besides Steven Alan, who else is stocking the Bedford jacket in Khaki Linen? The Small is sold out.
Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete Stopped by Bloomie's SF: - Ghurka Shorts in Chambray - Tab Collar Shirt in Turquoise - Irving Jacket in Blue with White Flowers - Camp Shirt in White with Blue Sea Flowers They had a couple of others that I don't recall. Also, haven't heard any word back from EG on additional stockists info. I'll ping them. Thanks for the info. Do you know if Bloomingdales in SF carry XS for the shirts,...
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