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Never mind Kevin. I found it hugely entertaining and I still think Victor(?) is full of it.
Where your 'evidence' is clearly overwhelming... How about you show us some pics to support your position? Clearly you are a big (and probably biased) fan of AE...
Hallam in dark brown suede if I'm not mistaken...
Why don't you try contacting them directly? From what I've read they're very helpful in trying to find the right shoe. There's a form on their website.
Quote: Originally Posted by jhcam8 Wow!
Quote: Originally Posted by Pliny hi sNiels. re: Tetburys can i give you a word of warning? Sizing can be tricky. In general I find C&J sizes to be about a half size roomier than other marques. And the 348 is the roomiest last C&J offers - at least for me. I take a UK9.5 or 43.5 in most makes and lasts, but my feet really swim in the UK 9.5 Tetburys. I'd go a half size down. Thanks for the warning but I own a couple of pairs of...
Ah, understood.
Could you explain why? They are one of the models I'm considering at the moment.
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