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What size is the engineers jacket? Can you please provide measurements - shoulder, underarm, length from base of collar, etc. Also what is the material, and is the colour accurate in that photo? Thanks
Fit is def important. I'm a pretty small guy so I always have problems with fit, and I've definitely been known to over-spend at times just because the piece actually fit me properly
Yea, just went thru their website - I like a number of pieces from the Fall '05 and '06 collections. Might need to give the NY store a ring ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Goldengloves Yea I like the coat because it's almost in between dress and casual. Looks a little like a blazer but then looks like regular outerwear. Quoted for truth. I love versatile pieces - they become so much more precious. Post pics when you get it Goldengloves
Was there anything that stood out with respect to the design? Construction? If not I think $1K is a bit steep for a run-of-the-mill peacoat.
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