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Thanks but that would be too large for me - I actually need a 7/7.5 but looks like the smallest they (Medium) come is 8 anyway
A lot of those items aren't as "boxilinear" as they appear; they shouldn't use such muscular/broad models imo as they don't flatter the clothing at all.
Aha! Thanks Arethusa - didn't realize Zappos carried them. I too prefer the non-distressed upper, and the lower Socialist model.
Dries van Noten
It looks like the leather upper is sitting on a nice brown(-ish) sponge
Quote: Originally Posted by Roland Miz, Did you get the black overdyed indigo sweater with a zipper, buttons, down the front and oil cloth lined cargo pockets? If so, I envy you. Pic or link please
Listen to the dark elf - he speaks words of wisdom
Arethusa, can you tell us what the shape of the toe is like on the Socialist/Anarchist? Does it taper, or is it a fairly broad/rounded toe? Thanks
Too much talent to just simply disappear - I'm sure he'll be back in one form or another.
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