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Quote: Originally Posted by kronik Price was dropped to 580 because it was the last in the store, had a limited run, etc (probably why I can't find it online anywhere) and the salesgirl likes us. My fiancee went ahead and picked it up for me. Post pics please
You didn't like Ian's shoelace site? http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/lacingmethods.htm
Super - thanks!
Does Blackbird have a URL, and do they ship to Canada
Beautiful. Denimdestroyedmylife, tell me a story - tell me about the pretty wabbits...
I like pretty much the entire spectrum of greys - and certain shades of blue - with my blacks. I tend toward cooler colours, and prefer subtle colour transitions, with maybe one "accent". But yea, like others have pointed out, Noir goes with everything
Don't moth balls have that weird medicinal smell to them? Or am I thinking something else?
These are the kind of footwear I like to look at and see worn by others, but I wouldn't wear myself :]
Moths are so gross :P when I see one I usually run the other way, screaming, arms flailing...
Hey, those aren't bad. I've heard of Marsèll but can't say I know anything about their quality etc.
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